Amazing cat photos: hairless and handsome

Dearest odyssians,


Odie says hi!!! hes glad its getting warmer. No more sweaters ;)
Hugs and hugs and love to all our blog friends and their pets,
And special hugs to our animal friends dex and lil d 2 who inspire linda lite and sindy blue.
♡O and om

10 thoughts on “Amazing cat photos: hairless and handsome

  1. oh my, this picture is so still and serene. It is also so powerful that Odie’s image almost breaks through the screen . eager to shake paws and survey food bowls.

    Dex is a bit jealous of your photographic skills but I remind him not to bite the hand that feeds him :)
    Thanks you Odie and OM for inspiring me to sing Dex’s praises.
    Pets are God’s way of saying ” unconditional love, I got this.”

    love to all pets everywhere and hugs galore

    xx l&d


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