Amazing nature landscapes: Tangerine dream serene

Dearest Odyssians,


This evening we contemplated the impossible straightness of the horizon line in this pic and concluded mother nature always seems to get things perfect 👌

O and om

2 thoughts on “Amazing nature landscapes: Tangerine dream serene

  1. Hey O and Om,

    The horizon leans forward,
    Offering you space to place new steps of change.
    ~ M Angelou ~ On the Pulse Of Morning ~

    Do not cease from looking, from seeking, their sweeping gaze crossing the globe to the edge of the visible’
    ~ Mary Crow, Addicted to the Horizon ~

    My heart loves to watch the sunlight of the sea.

    A stunning image to happen upon, thanks for sharing.


    DN – 14/10/2014

    • Dearest journeyman in cloak,
      We will take the late mayas words as truth.
      Thank you for sharing. And we will add this thought:
      visual horizons are the beginnings of places we haven’t been to.

      O and om.


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