Animal landscapes: sea of fog

Dearest Odyssians,
Pls enjoy this amazing nature and bird landscape by diggeo.


Real life update : I’ve been busy crafting the final version of the novel. Daunting but enjoyable. Never thought I’d even finish the rough draft some days.  But for some reason I pushed beyond that and reminded myself to:
Never give up.  Never give up!! ”
As artists we have no other option. if you’re thinking about writing a book don’t wait any longer. Start right away!  believe in yourself,  dedicate yourself,  and watch  the magic flow out of yourself. The universe is rooting for you,  even if you don’t know it yet. You just have to give it a team to cheer for.

O and om

Pls enjoy thus wonderful nature landscape by digger.


5 thoughts on “Animal landscapes: sea of fog

  1. Hey happy & proud, I am. Amazizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing image. I bet odie chose that one, you know the birds and all.~~~~~

    ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀
    . *✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸♥


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