Stunning pictures: To new heights

Dearest Odyssians,


Odies favorite part of the human experience is when we give each other recognition and praise for jobs well done,  jobs inspiring, jobs emotionally moving, jobs bettering, and jobs everlasting.

Here’s to all of us creating together and living in harmony as one.

O and om
And company
🐨 🐯 🐻 🐱 🐹🐭🐶🐰🐺🐼🐵

7 thoughts on “Stunning pictures: To new heights

  1. Hey O and OM

    This is yet another stunning photograph to add to a stunning collection. A marvel of contemporary architecture evaporating into the clouds whilst mirroring a reflection of infinity back to our upturned eyes. If seen as a conceptual statement in veneration of both mankind’s intellectual prowess and in exaltation of the heavens above – perhaps they are one and the same – it is an incredibly expansive symbol to ruminate over.

    It may not come with grassland, plants and trees attached (a rooftop garden really would be so cool) but I imagine the panoramic vista from the penthouse suite is limitless. A view that carries the eye of our soul beyond the very rim of Earth’s curving horizon and onwards through stars and galaxies to witness the beginning of all things.

    Thank you for sharing.


    DN – 12/09/2014

    • hi dn,
      good hearing from you as always.
      your comment speaks to everything i was thinking when i posted this, so i think its wonderful that you have now made this blog entry a written entry as well, and not just a cool pic with a few lines.
      when we build stuff, sometimes we get it right, in ways that nature alone is not able to do – penthouse views for instance. This building is one of those examples (as long as they fix the deadly, slipping ice sheet problem in winter)
      in general i admit im not a big fan of metro urban (especially living there), but i do appreciate it for what it is.
      im glad you were able to express those appreciative feelings in such a poetic way.
      thank you for commenting and making this post better!!
      o and om

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