Quodies: adopt a friend in need :)

Dearest Odyssians,


O and om


2 thoughts on “Quodies: adopt a friend in need :)

  1. Hey O and OM,

    Stars. Secrets. Chances. Wise Quodies indeed from the mighty paw of Ra…who it seems channels his thinking with a slight ‘female bias’ ;)

    Personally speaking…I find the subtlety of Quodies either tease my thoughts like twine to a tomcat, or stir my imagination as would a leonine goddess, or just snuggle up on the couch beside me like a purring kitten.

    Thank you for wonderfully provoking a sense of all three.


    DN – 07/10/2014

    • Hello hello dearest dn.
      So glad you are enjoying these quotes. You’ve summed up their purpose completely. To be funny, but to also inspire.
      I like that I get to post the original version with an odie overwrite. It’s like getting to share two posts at once
      Thanks for visiting and commenting . you always bring our blog posts to the next level.
      Hugs, and thank you,
      O and om
      Yes, there is a lady twist. Behind every great odie is an odie mama.


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