Quodies : quotes by my cat odie

Dearest Odyssians,


Cheers all,
Keep working toward your goals :)

O and om


11 thoughts on “Quodies : quotes by my cat odie

  1. Hey O and OM,

    This is great fun! Thanks for the smile.

    Rock Bottom…oh yes, I think I remember living there once: catpan’s, cat litter, cat nip, and dirty low down scat everywhere. The place was a heaving flea-pit for sure, they were everywhere, no one was safe from the foundation. Or perhaps it was all just some unholy dream that I somehow got caught up in when delirious with toxoplasmosis. I’ll never be sure, so maybe it’s best getting used to never knowing…


    DN – 08/10/2014

    • Hey dn,
      So glad to hear you’re smiling. We have to imagine the smile however because the one pic of you online has you shrouded in the blackness of a cloak.
      We will take your wise word for it, though. And I think it’s great to imagine that under the shadow of your cloak you are smiling.
      A dream of dirty cats you say?? What e all happened. Or do we not want to know?
      Hoping it wasn’t a reality, that it was all cleaned up when you woke up the next morning, if it was.

      Stay clean. And smiling.
      O and om

      • Hey O and OM,

        Thank you both for kind thoughts :)

        All is well here at chez Dewin…both inwardly and outwardly I persist in greeting each morning with a smile, desist in despairing at the pouring Welsh rain, resist the perpetual boredom of 9 – 5, 5/7, 200/365, and continue to exist with good intention and fine reasoning so as to feel the gift of every day.

        The Shadow in the Blackened Shroud…that is a great title for a fairy-tale, don’t you think? The word ‘shadow’ is sometimes misunderstood…think of it as defining a dark form projected by a body intercepting rays of light rather than an inseparable companion of mine in a dark cloak.

        You know, I am tickled by the phrase, ‘a dream of dirty cats’…but just can’t put my paw on the reason why :)

        Regards the scrawl in my first comment…I was messing around with some of the words you had included in your post and re-inserting those I’d chosen back into a mini narrative or similar. At one time, I used to spend long hours working in Retailing and found amusement in including the name of products into very short stories: for example, the names of a range of chocolate covered biscuits might become a story of the Penguin tied up with a Blue Ribbon by a Bandit who made his Breakaway in a Taxi. I imagine we have all done similar? Hence, ‘Rock Bottom’ (or, Felidae Falls may have worked as well) sounded like the perfect name for a desolate frontier town swarming with gangs of wild cats (keeping with the cat theme) and ruled by the evil Foundation. And yes, in answer to your question, you are so right to imagine that the filthy mess was all cleared up before next morning…they let the dogs out to round ’em up.

        As for the toxoplasmosis…thankfully, at least for this cat, it was all a dream and a bowl of cream.

        Looking forward to the forthcoming Quodies. Take care y’all.


        DN – 09/10/2014

      • Chez dewin. What kind of food are you serving up??
        Intellectual gastronomical…
        Love th r wordplay games. The mix on names.
        The shadow in the blackened shroud.
        A real killer thriller. With atheist undertones. Run with it.

        Hugs, O and om.


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