Picture quotes: starry dreams

Dearest Odyssians,


Gotta love Vincent. Also,  was just reading a news article that said there’s a possibility that he may have been murdered,  and did not commit suicide. Interesting!!  That would make a great mystery movie. Who would play Vincent?  Daniel craig? Paul bettany? Or someone younger?
Let us know if you have any suggestions for casting.
Hugs,  O and om.

7 thoughts on “Picture quotes: starry dreams

  1. Hey O and OM,

    Van Gogh is one of my favourite painters and this quote superb….the possibilities it purports to are endless and enduring.

    To the question of casting…I think Paul Bettany would make a better choice than Craig…but I’d still prefer someone a little more intense in the role…darker and a little more edgy and creatively volatile.

    Regards the possibilities of a questionable death scenario for poor old Vince, I have yet to read anything that might support that. However, it is absolutely fascinating to consider it a possibility….a historical whodunit, what a great idea.


    DN – 07/12/2014

  2. Hey O and OM,

    Having read the vanity Fair article, and also gone in search of other material, I am left undecided by Van Gogh’s deathly plight. Sentimentality and a desire to maintain the artist’s enduring aura leave me somewhat determined to uphold VG as the brilliant and tormented soul that he undoubtedly was who took his own life. And so, at least from my perspective..it would appear that evidence to the contrary to suggest at murder most foul rather than saddening suicide is both haphazard and conflicting, and perhaps does little more than to steal away something further from the enigma of a tortured man and an impassioned artist. But quite what the authors intention was when setting out to resolve the riddle is a mystery…but never-the-less, the fact remains that their efforts do make for a fascinating, if improvable whodunit.

    I’d be interested to read your thoughts on this…you are a VG fan right?


    DN – 08/12/2014


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