11 thoughts on “Cat art: from sphynx, with love

    • Hi Jessie!
      We are most pleased that you stopped by our blog and liked odie as a twin.
      Thank you for sharing your encouraging thoughts with us.
      We visited your blog and think your poetry is inspiring and funny. We love your edgy wit and intelligent compositions.
      Thanks!! For being a part of the WordPress journey.
      O and om

  1. Hey O and OM,

    Writes T.S Learner at the opening of his novel Sphinx – A Secret for a Thousand Years – ‘And I am reminded of how, if I’d had the eye of God that year, if I’d had some omnipresent aerial vision that could have wrapped itself around all the deserts of the world, I would have seen that when sandstorms settle they settle in patterns and those patterns make a cipher – a hidden prophecy.’ …. So….Behold! Odie Trismegisti! :)

    We are, I am, encouraged to step into your Loving image and onto the sandy road and make headway across the dunes towards the triangular shaped colossus in the near distance. Ahead, the bold threat of darkness is held back from its constant press against the golden structure by the radiant gaze of the ever watchful Sphinx. Radiant, glowing, and poised across the frontier of light and dark the calmly influencing and affectionate gaze of O.

    I lose count meditating on the numerous subtle references, reflections, inversions and cleverly augmented allusions to triangles and trilogy that fill the frame and bring their own aesthetic grace and symbolic organisation to O’s balanced and harmoniously reflected world…yet it is a small matter to be undone by visual illusion, when at the centre of every form lies the desire to express Love.

    Thanks for sharing :)


    DN – 14/12/2014

    • Hi dn.
      Good to hear from you on this day or rest. Though we see your mind is never resting while you’re awake. Not a bad quality, we say! What’s your astrological sign? We are going to be posting some fantastic zodiac charts this week. Check out our newest post for info. The charts have info on Associates elements, and modes. And characteristics. Very interesting stuff!
      This t. S. Book sounds fantastic. It Had mixed reviews on goodreads website. Are people too demanding of plot, and less interested in the subtleties to be able to like it? Did you like it?

      So glad you liked our art. Made on a cell phone. And hastily rushed to publish. It’s nothing of course compared to what you’re able to do.
      Odie in your capable hands would morph into a living statue with wings, no doubt , surrounded by the desert glyphs that t. S. Describes. Subtle but bold.
      As is your style.
      Now that’s quite a picture for me to imagine.
      Me imagining your reimagining of my imagining of odie.
      O and om.
      P. S., we know a lot more about Wales than we did before. :) Still don’t know what Nefol means
      Care to share?

      • Hey O and Om,

        Thank you for asking…yes, I am fine :) But more importantly, how are you? How is the masterpiece shaping up? I hope all is well in the home by the shore, and despite the cooling temperatures and dwindling candle light, you are fashioning your written cloth with the precision of a master tailor and exercising the full potential of that aerated mind.

        I am fascinated to read your latest blog posts. The succession of images and information you are planning will be inspiring, or inspirational, delivering your message with the crafted incision of a surgeon into the hearts and minds of your following. I wonder if you will create your own images to illustrate the information you are posting.

        Meditative one…mmm, perhaps this is so….winter is a time for introspection whilst stretched out like a cat in the warmth of a flaming fire. On which note, ‘I’ like the typo in your sign off…it tells of unity when facing Eastwards :)

        Again your generous comments about my art leave me smiling, thank you. You set a tall challenge to reimagine a reimagining of a reimagining and ask for an imagining of that lol :) Such complexity! Your mind is unbelievably dextrous! Your creative sensibilities sharpened like a razor’s edge…but how could I improve on your vision of Odie as a ‘living statue with wings […] surrounded by desert glyphs. Subtle but bold.’ The image, as the vision that beheld it, will be stunning….when will you have it done? :)

        I sat alone in the week watching the crimson Sun sinking-in the bruised plum of a western sky. Waking early, I sat and waited for prismatic Venus to commence the unfolding spectacle of morning in all her sumptuous winter beauty. I am blessed with a wonderful view towards an expansive horizon from a vantage point at the top of a hill I call Bryn Myrddin (another linguistic puzzle for Odie to solve) Between September and December the skies I see at sun-rise can be breath-taking. December skies are crystal clear with air so clean and fresh and colours so rich you can dive in to them. Winter mornings often bring a blanket of thick fog that hangs in the valley below and obliterates all view of civilization to leave the sky and the earth touching in an eternal embrace of innocence and love. Rising up through the swirling, lifting mist are the pinnacles and spires of churches and high-rise dwellings…they seem to float in a sea of cloud, and lull me into romancing myths of fabled Avalon. The Cathedral standing at the summit of Bryn Myrddin is directly in line with the view I have looking out through the living room window. At certain times in the year, the cathedral spire is aligned with the starting point on the horizon of the rising Sun and Moon. Mornings and evenings on these days always seem so seamless, so undivided.

        It’s 12pm, midnight at Dewin’s and the taper is burning low. From out of the shadows, the Sandman comes to carry me off to the Land of Zzzzz. But before I go, my eye is drawn to a ‘V’ shaped separation between the join in the drawn curtains. This space is occupied by a wind-chime at the top of which is mounted a dragon-fly fashioned by the union of twisted wire and 4 amber crystal beads. The 4 wings are made from a light absorbing material that becomes luminous in the dark. A piece of thread, about 18 inches long hangs from a central point on the body of the dragon-fly and descends like a plumb line to an end weighted with another amber bead. Attached to the string, and hanging beneath the body of the dragon-fly is a spiral shaped disc of wire from which hangs four chimes. The clapper is also an amber bead. It is a simple hand-made object of curious beauty. I mention all this because it suddenly strikes me how descriptive it truly is as a symbol of the pervasive, elemental qualities of Air within the symbolic human body.

        I couldn’t conclude without mentioning your passing reference to Wales. Have you ever visited? Perhaps you might have read tales from the Mabinogion? And if not…well, give it a read and see where your creative mind takes you as it begins its own quest in to the literary pages of a Legend…


        Dymuniadau gorau ar gyfer y Nadolig a’r Flwyddyn Newydd 2015!

        DN – 21/12/2014

        P.S: Nefol can be translated as ‘celestial’, or ‘of/from the stars’. Shh!…don’t tell anyone I told you that :)

      • Hi dn,
        I always want to write more to your comments, and end up typing error laden snafus on this touch screen cell phone. Plus, I’m hindered by wordpresses archaic app that makes such an activity even more difficult.
        Right now I’m on the move. Got to get a sushi roll and look over the novel. Working from my laptop today. I think the book is going ok. Not feeling like it’s a masterpiece though. Hoping I can work it to that level, of course. It’s quite a long book at 110000 words, (usual is 75-95k). so there’s a lot of mental gymnastics to keep it all together in some sort of order, in the frail emotional instrument that is my mind. Right now im working on a section where the character is uprooting things in her once completely solitary life, after having described her break with reality in her past . the juxtaposition of her loss of sanity in the past, rivaled with the new rise in activity in present should make it an exciting set of chapters. The goal is to have the chaos of her past buttress the chaos she feels at becoming “sane” in the present. Becoming normal is a task she’s not sure she’s up for. She knows what sanity looks like: lots of friends, a job, a house without wheels, a credit card that isn’t a benefits card, etc.
        But sanity also means following other people’s rules. And those people have always betrayed her.

        I’m glad you’re doing well. We all need some time away room WordPress.
        Thanks for letting me share a bit of the ole book. I’ll share excerpts soon.
        I said I would, and I shall.
        Merry Christmas early.
        And thank you for the air of the gods butterfly picture you mailed me. I admire the lux chocolate skin in your butterflies. What is the body of a butterfly called? . I can only think of the word thorax. And that seems so antiseptic. Whereas butterflies are so light and beautiful and rich with life.
        This reminds me of a later passage in the book where the character describes what it’s like being a moth in a world that wants butterflies. But moths are beautiful too. Lots of metallic in their wings. Bronzes, golds, and silvers. The mainstream ignores these rare beautifies most of the time.
        Ok. I’m done proselytizing. (shocked my phone recognized this word. Wow)
        O and om

        And I did get your comment about being an earth Virgo. Will respond to that soon :)


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