Astrology charts: elements and qualities of the zodiac

Dearest Odyssians,


We wanted to share this amazing zodiac/astrological chart with you. It shows elements, characteristics, and modes/qualities associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac in a cool and artistic way.
Here’s another chart that has additional info about your signs, including dates and cusps.  I love its beautiful colors and artwork.


O and om

Btw: Odie is a saggitarius. Odie mama is a Gemini. :)

2 thoughts on “Astrology charts: elements and qualities of the zodiac

  1. I like how the second chart shows the Decans. My sun is on second decan of Leo and my ascendant is on the second decan of Aquarius. Each sign is divided by 3 giving each 10 degrees of each sign its own meaning/interpretation and rulership.

    • Hi dearest,
      We just saw this comment now and wanted to respond as soon as we did. We had no idea what decans were so we looked them up. Wow. So interesting that we can divide our star rising by such a clock like measure . we liked hearing about your sun and rising sign as well. We’ve always admired brave hearted artistic fun Leos and have gotten along tremendously with funny friendly oh so wise aquarians . Love that have a both in your wheelhouse.
      O and om


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