Beautiful astrology element guide

Dearest Odyssians,



The writing in the pictures above is very small, so I’ve included the complete list of key words for each of the four elements below:

*Earth 🌍 : strength, wealth, form, body, midnight, caves, mountains, gardens, groves, Plains, winter, North, place of darkness.

*Air 💨 : breath, intellect, wind, music, dawn, sky, wind, high places, vibrations, clouds, spring, East, place of greatest light.

*Fire 🔥 : courage, passion, will, moon, energy, deserts, volcanoes, lightning, sun, stars, summer, South, places of great heat.

*WATER 💦 : dreams, compassion, intuition, feeling, Twilight, lakes, Wells, rivers, oceans, rain, fog, tides, West, place of setting sun.

The center reads : spirit within and all around.

Here’s a handy guide to finding out the element related to your sun sign.


We hope this chart helped you learn something new about yourself, or helped remind you of the blessings you already possess!

O and om
Sag and Gem.


9 thoughts on “Beautiful astrology element guide

    • Hi sue!!
      Happy Monday. Always lovely to hear from you :)
      Yes. I agree. I need to look into this more as well. In the next few days, I will be posting more charts, including eastern perspectives about the elements.
      I’m air, which suits me perfectly. I’m either on my phone or computer, communicating away. Not so sure I like tall places, though.
      Odie is definitely fire. An adventurous little guy. And actinity/trouble maker.
      Which sun sign and element are you?
      Hugs, O and om.

  1. Hey O and OM,

    These are wonderfully rendered dials of illumination :)

    I to am Virgo…an earth sign enriched by the sensual alchemy of nutritious sun-drenched soil, brought to life, quenched, nurtured by the life changing fall of unearthly water, absorbent and regenerative to the ashen remnants of passionate fire, and organically enlivened by air, the breath of life. Earth signs concretise the world of thought into denser form through strength, determination and sheer will of effort. The green of life is energising,, refreshing, relaxing, calming and restorative. Our density makes us resolute, stable, solid, supportive and sustaining. The earth’s surface undulates as it wraps itself around mountains and stretches out across the plains, or dips to cradle the shimmering water of life. Earth signs climb and descend and gravity keeps our body grounded, whilst Mercury carries the mind in his messenger bag to and from the stars. Earth signs are mutable, always flowing, always in perpetual motion following the eternal ebb and flow of a timeless, ageless planet.

    A link to a good representation of the Virgo archetype (perceived archetype anyway lol) is :

    I find it fascinating reading about the attributes of the elements and deciding upon corresponding associations, whilst linking, forming, and reforming the lists in new ways, taking a little bit here, and a little more there, in search of an ideal quality of perfection. And then Odie had me remember that we are already born perfect for the life we asked to lead before we got here :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Namaste y’all

    DN – 20/12/2014


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