8 thoughts on “inspired quotes: surprise!

    • Hi Gwen!!
      Merry Xmas and happy new year to you.
      Have you had any snow on your side of the world? Do you guys get that much snow?
      We haven’t. Which I’m liking very much. We are just fine watching white Christmas on TV and on shoveling it outside in real life. No snow should make Santa’s journey to our tree drop off easier as well.
      May you get all the things your heart desires. Material and spiritual!!
      O and om.

      • No we have no snow at the moment, today was wet, windy and about 14 C° and that is warm for the time of the year, we have years with lots of snow and years without snow I hate snow !!!! And to those who want a white Christmas I always tell them to go to Austria or Switzerland !
        Thanks a lot for your good wishes ! And I hope that for you and Odie all wishes become true in 2015.
        hugs !

      • Hi. Was working on a lovely and lengthy comment, that my WordPress app apparently deleted!!
        So starting again, but being a but shorter, I’ll say that I enjoy the warmer weather.
        Last year it was negative – 45 Fahrenheit. With wind chill some days. Which I’ve calculated as – 42 centigrade!! And snowed constantly.
        I nearly moved to Florida. Odie still kind of wishes we had :)
        Hugs, O and om

      • Odie says pack some suitcases, rent the house to a nice family that gardens responsibly, and surprise him when he comes back home one day.
        If he reads your blog this is no longer a viable option. You’ll have to convince him to move the good old fashion way.. Bribe him with cat treats.
        Odie always knows best.
        Hugs,. O and om.

      • Hugs again!!
        It has been warmer here as well, and though I know and believe the implications, I am still enjoying not having a winter like last year’s ice age in Chicago. That was a winter I’ll never forget!! Example:i Came back from a trip and it was – 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside (yes that includes windchill!)
        … Thank you for the well wishes.
        This was the comment I thought was deleted.
        O and om 🎄


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