Fractal mandala art: blue orb beauty

Dearest Odyssians,


Please enjoy this lovely digital artwork.
O and om 🐱.
And happy 🎄!!


11 thoughts on “Fractal mandala art: blue orb beauty

  1. Hey O and OM,

    This is spell-binding precision….an enchantment of the senses, a fusion of infinite exquisite blue exploding within a fractal matrix of intellectually organised space. Aesthetically, the balance is deeply harmonious, the allure endless, the roving eye stilled yet still moving in a fluid motion following curving structures and finding rhythm in the pulse of beautifully contemplative thought and endless space. Does the image present a portrayal of the smallest element that exists, or is it a perspective of the cosmos as witnessed from the very rim of the Universe?

    It leaves one breathing slowly in a state of pure Trance :)

    I can understand entirely why a highly aware, free thinking, and visionary breath of spirit, perhaps a Gemini or Sagittarius, would abandon themselves within this idealised matrix of structured infinity. It’s an opportunity for immersion and intellectualised expansion within a field of ethereal dreaminess…it’s where you can be visionary, free forming and unbounded amidst infinite blue light and space. High rolling, high flying, and casting your gaze downwards upon the world of shifting shapes and form, and from an elevated position, you become eagle eyed, zoning in to distil the essence of thought at the outer reach of your penetrative stare. From up high, there is the space to breathe, to soar, to fly, to extend the dizzying altitude of your mind’s airborne flight in to the stratus of the angels. O and OM, it is indeed a Blue Orb of Beauty :)

    Namaste y’all

    DN – 20/12/2014

    • You’re back!! We didn’t hear from you for awhile. Wondered if you were toiling over a new, high level, magic spell. Or perhaps a cook pot on the stove- no eye of newt, or lizards breath in sight. Or maybe you were fretting over weather or not to send that self portrait you’ve been working on into the universe to reveal everything, once and for all?
      So you liked the orb picture! excellent. Most excellent. ♡
      Wish We’d made it ourselves. So we are trying. Odie and I have been online looking for a fractal building app. The stuff we’ve found so far doesn’t do nearly what we need it to do. In terms of wow factor. And trying to post- layer the fractals we have created aka combine singles into grand arrangements, is a no no since they aren’t png files. Darn!!
      I’m sure you’d have no issues with the conversion, however our cellphone is not the type of place to be doing heavy lifting in graphics land., even if it we knew what we were doing!
      We might post some single fractals we’ve built. And see how you like them. They aren’t bad. But not nearly elaborate enough to elicit such praise from Dn.
      Happy Saturday.
      Welcome back.
      And your sun sign is?
      Or perhaps the reluctant wizard will provide us a riddle. And we will provide our own answer. Sphynx s love riddles , as you know!!
      Hugs O and om 🐱

  2. Hey O and OM,

    Thank you :) Dewin Nefol never really leaves once he has arrived…I didn’t go far, and I am always just a blog post away :)

    Eye of newt, toenail of toad, lizards breath lol…umm, no, there has been no toiling over small beasts bubbling away in a blackened cauldron…I couldn’t find any to brew up, I think Odie killed them all off ;) The self-portrait is forming…it still needs a little more sunshine, but that will come in the spring…the winter is for dissolving, purifying, absorbing, augmenting in the darkness, and drawing together the ingredients for new seeds of life. So, in effect…the self-portrait is still under construction…how about yours?

    Yes, yes, I found the fractal mandala deeply illuminating…its geometric arrangement quite beautiful….perception being the fire flared by the imagination of course. Your own work on mandalas…they are sumptuous in their effect….and I’ve disappeared into them several times and have my personal favourites…those that appear to almost breathe when you spend time with them. I imagine their pulse of life is the signature of the artist whose mind found their organic form. They are always so meticulously finished. The fractal building app sounds an amazing bit of kit…I shall expect the miraculous now I know how expansive, fabulously creative and enterprising your mind can be :)

    The simplest rendition of the biggest concepts are sometimes the most effective, and penetrative in the psyche…like Odie in the centre of the shifting black and white header…it evokes something spontaneous in us. Perhaps that is the true nature of the mandala experience, to offer the viewer room to freely imagine within a bounded space that exists without reference to the everyday…and to trace their own path through the space between the constituent shapes to their own centre of understanding. I don’t know about DN’s praise being any less or anymore significant than any one else, I tell the truth about the experience I feel. I’d like to see a gallery of your work…not just mandalas, but also other artistic treatments and styles that speak their own story and tell of the numinous mystery at the heart of Odie’s (and hence OM’s) sun-drenched world by the shore.

    Do you own Photoshop or another image manipulation tool? I am sure you do :)

    My sun-sign…Virgo…I left comment on beautiful astrology element guide :) maybe you can write and tell us what it is like to embrace life as a Gemini warrior of light? I’d like to read that, to breathe-in a little pure, crystal clear, fresh, and all pervading Air.

    Here is a spell for you to unwrap…a puzzle in Welsh lol

    Dymuniadau gorau ar gyfer y Nadolig a’r Flwyddyn Newydd 2014!


    DN – 20/12/2014


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