Funny quotes: still growing up

Dearest Odyssians,


And I still have six more to go! hopefully odie will live long enough to see me make it to adult hood.
Knock on wood,  and our great God willing, he’ll make it. – he’s turning just four years old in human years in a few days!

O and om 🐱

O and om


6 thoughts on “Funny quotes: still growing up

  1. I am sure he will make it.. I had a wonderful Cat she lived 21 Human Years so how old does that make her in Cat years?? .. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas my new friend.. Enjoy your meows as I have enjoyed your Muse!..
    Have a Fabulous time… Love and Blessings Sue :-)

    • Wow.
      You had a cat love til 21!! Incredible. In human years that’s well over a hundred, even counting for the new cat aging system that says they age slower in relation to us as they get older. They are our babies that never grow up, no matter the time that passes.
      I had one guy make it to 15. It was rough for him the last two, but for a purebred abyssianian with renal failure, he really powered through til the end with a gentle and living spirit.. Still have his ashes in an urn. Morbid or sentimentality beautiful? I’ll let you decide. But for me, I think it’s the latter.
      O and om. And happy happy holidays to you too dearest sue.

  2. True enough (though I admit, my 40s were initiation-filled). Yes, may Odysseus journey for a long while with you yet, and both of you well. I had a fellow, Titus, a Maine Coon, who lived well into his 18th year before deciding it was time for him to move along to other adventures (but he made sure I was well attended by two other felines before he did!). It’s so fortunate, to travel with these beloved felines! :)

    • Hi and more hi!
      Yes. I love that they come with us on the journey. 18 is a long time. I love Maine coons. Big huggable love bugs with lots and lots of hair. The great thing about cats is that they remind us to Stay young even as we age. Their directives to sleep in late and play as often as we can, should be followed by all.
      Of course the name titus is wonderful for a cat. And it looks like he outlived his namesake. Who died in his forties.
      Nothing better than classical names for pets. They deserve no less, I think.
      O and om.


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