Happy birthday Odysseus!! 4=32

Dearest Odyssians,


My baby moo moo sugar pie piglet kitty lamb lion has turned four.  Meaning he’s 32 in human years. By next year he’ll be older than Me!! They grow up so fast,  don’t they?
Here’s a chart showing how indoor cats age relative to humans.
A website that has a cat age calculator says Odies 35. obviously we aren’t going to go by what some complicated algorithm from this Web page says, especially a site that makes odie any older!!
But for the brave.. Here’s the link :

Hugs to all of our friends and our animal friends too!!  You’ve made Odies years wonderfully rich. And we look forward to many more.

O and om 🐱.

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday Odysseus!! 4=32

    • gwennie!!!!
      hello sweet dear.
      how are you doing on the marvelous day of sagittarius? don’t tell odie, but i had to google how to spell that. never been good with those tricky latin words.
      thank you so much for the birthday wishes. very much appreciated.
      and we hope to share many more with you.
      o and om always.

    • Hi Linda and Dex,
      Thank you for the well wishes!!
      So happy to hear that 2015 is going to be a good one.
      We wish both of you the best for the upcoming alignments in 2015.
      Hugs to infinity,
      O and om 🐱

  1. Hey O and OM,

    Awe…He simply adores his moma…just look at the devotion in those loving eyes :)

    “Happy 4th Birthday Odie!” “Have a Magi-cal day!”

    Namaste big fella,

    DN – 22/12/2014

      • hello hello Dn,
        thank you for the kind blessings and the tidbits of wisdom that you always share. Best to take the younger number in any age equation result, we agree wholeheartedly. I see you’ve noticed his devotion to me in his eyes. he does melt me so when he looks at me. his eyes are such a gold green they bewitch me. i sometime sit for minutes wondering what color they truly are. they change depending on how he feels i suppose. just like any good one of us. begs the question: what color are your eyes. can’t tell from your art. i’ve seen gold, blue, brown and even red. ? )- see how we did that. subtle. real subtle)

        i will let odie know that you send magi blessings his way. and called him a big fella.
        he’ll like that. as he only clocks in at 10 pounds, give or take half a pound, and has no hair. which makes him look like the smallest stud at the ranch.

        o and om.


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