Christmas love

Dearest Odyssians,


Odie just loves his Xmas gift.
Compliments of Santa 🎅 and Fugefly.

Hugs to all of you.  We hope that you had a wonderful Xmas and that all of your holidays wishes came true.
💙 odie and odie mama.


11 thoughts on “Christmas love

  1. Hey O and OM,

    He’s such a fine looking feline isn’t he? And this, a really wonderful photograph to keep and treasure for the future. It is a very cute, wide-eyed and inquisitive little kitten that peeks out with curiosity through the bannisters…and whilst his face has matured a little, and his body grown, he is still the same wide-eyed, inquisitive, and handsome chap he has always been, only now aged 4! Great to see him in full pose. I wonder if he recognises himself in the picture?

    Thanks for sharing :)


    DN – 28/12/2014


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