6 thoughts on “Art from art

    • happy new year to you too. it’s going to be a good year. i’m enthralled by the numbers game and what it means for 2015. 2+0+1+5=8.
      ‘8’ years are awesome. all about finding your own authoritative voice and being rewarded for hard work. I’m going to do a post on what this year will bring for us.
      about the art for art image: i made this image from a black and white photo i found online. in the original, only one man stands at the edge of a pier. he has a pair of shoes in his left hand. i mirrored certain parts of the photo and kept others in their original state to build the final product. i like how mirroring parts and not others makes a cool combo of illusion and image.
      so glad it caught your eye.
      o and om

      • Clever you with the photo… And yes I am a big fan of numbers and their signs.. for me its 444 which is repetitively showing up at the moment.. Love how its progressed from 111.. :-D…. and Yes.. 2015 will be the Year to watch!.. :-)

      • Hi sue.
        444. I’ll look for it on my end. Four is the love number. Yes. You’re absolutely correct about that. Reminds me of four of cups and four of wands being about happy Homes and hearts. Very nice friendly positive cards. And the four of swords isn’t totally bad. Nor is the four of pentacles either.
        Hugs and hugs and hugs and hugs,
        O and om.

      • Hi sue,
        I’ve been seeing a lot of 222s.
        Looks like our number messages are tailored for each of us :) and mine is saying to follow my intuition and unclutter.
        Which is pretty darn cool.
        O and om 🐱


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