Winter’s born

Dearest Odyssians,


It’s snowing and cold out =our First major Snow of the winter and of the year. In the Midwest.  Up north.
Bundle up my friends.

Picture by:

**neither odie or odie mama is pictured,  but we felt the lone form represented aspects of both of us. The wandering adventurer. As Prince would say,  “can u relate?”

Hugs, O and om.

6 thoughts on “Winter’s born

    • Hi Jamie,
      Hoping all is well. Wonderful to see you on wordpress in 2015, sharing inspiration and ideas.
      I will look up imbolc. That’s a new term for us.
      We’re both air signs btw. I’m a Gemini. That makes a lot of sense to me. Our love for things that stimulate the mind and satiate our curiosity.
      Learning New words is one of our faves that keeps us happy. Thanks for the inspiration.
      O and om 🐱

      • Thank you, Odie and Odie’s Mom. :) Well, I guess I do pronounce the b, like you’ll find/hear it here: The ‘b’ is there, but not a super hard ‘b’, and the end is somewhere between the k and g! :) Midwinter … the spark of Spring is there, but not yet seen.

        Yes indeed about the love for things that stimulate the mind and satiate our curiosity, learning, sharing what we’ve learned or what’s inspired us. I’m an Aqua sun-saturn and midheaven, gemini moon, balanced out with the rest of the elements. :) As a Gemini sun, you’ll be getting some helpful beams from Saturn in Saj, then. xoxo Love, Jamie (and Luna and Baby Cat!)

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