Novel journey

Dearest Odyssians,


You don’t have to know the whole story to start writing you debut novel. Writing is an organic process. Your book will manifest  itself along the way.  Just pour in : heart, soul,  and time.

O and om 🐱
-fellow authors on a novel journey

Words by o and om.
Photo by: Jeff pang.


6 thoughts on “Novel journey

    • Thanks jv!! You’re an expert on starting and finishing books.
      No easy task.
      O and om.
      Ps. Have you been seeing an angel number- a number repeated three times- lately. Especially since the new year?
      I’m working on a future post and wanted to share some numbers that have been popping up for people. I won’t share anything too personal, of course.
      I’ve been seeing 222. And good friends are seeing 111 and 444.
      Lots of good energy on the air for 2015 already.
      Hugs, O and om.


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