Winter Wonderland

Dearest Odyssians,


It snowed a foot here today.  Maybe more.
Here’s a Snowflake kaleidoscope artwork odie made to mark the occasion.
O and om 🐱


6 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Really beautiful, O and Om! It has the perfect energy of Winter and snowflake! (We have about 6 inches of fresh snow here, and my daily walkabout had me noticing these wild star-shaped snow-bits … apparently called ‘dendrites’! How cool is that?). Thank you for the lovely Imbolc mandala! Love J (and Luna and Baby Cat).

    • hi jamie and luna and baby cat,
      thanks for liking out handiwork. can’t believe you got six inches over there. and of course we learned something new from you again… dendrites. i thought they were parts of brain stems. or something like that.
      i’ll look into them. Read an article in the daly mail a few weeks ago (don’t have link at the ready) that there are only 36 types of snowflakes and flake patterns are purely based on air pressure, moisture, and temp. all the magic is down to science. I still think they’re awesome. and unique, each one, anyway.

      o and om

      stay warm.


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