Fractal design: Potential beauty

Dearest Odyssians,


O and om. ♡


15 thoughts on “Fractal design: Potential beauty

    • :) ♡
      Hi Linda,
      Bad of us to not check in for so long.
      We went underground after v-day. Struggling with book. It’s a thriller and I’m at nearing the end. I am working on chapters which require me to rectify and join together five different story lines (that all incorporate a twist that had turned or about to turn). I enjoy the challenge, but I’m honest when I say that the fear of having to handle huge ramifications when I sit down in front of the keyboard has made finishing the hardest part of the whole thing.

    • That reply sent early while I was fixing it..
      So here we are at the point in the book which requires great concentration, planning, plot hole elimination, and…
      What can I say. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever faced. The potential is tremendous. To win and to fail. So it’s all about pushing past the fear and going ahead into unknown territory.

      Odie helped me make this art. Lots of button pushing :)

      Glad you like it.
      How was your v-day. How have you and your midnight runner been?

      Many hugs. 🐰
      O and om.

      • Hey guys,
        I am certain the book will be the bomb ( in a good way !). Me and Dex are okay, considering our daily challenges. He wants to be perpetually fed and hog the remote ;)

        l and d

    • Hi Christy!!
      Sorry it took us soooo long to get to this comment and reply. WordPress, though amazing, gives us techno fits many times.
      Thanks for liking this art and sharing your wonderful thoughts on it.
      And… congrats on your second book being published.
      We swung by your blog and saw that you’d accomplished this monumental achievement.
      as fellow writers, we know how hard it is to get the book on paper, let alone write it. So congrats are due to you!!
      We hope it is a great success.
      o and om

    • hi blue,

      wow. sorry i’m just seeing this nice comment now. between wordpress apps and websites and log ins and passwords and emails and the internet on my phone, my tablet, and my laptop, i’m not seeing comments, and replies are not posting.
      i hope they fix all of the snafus soon so I can tell you thank you asap.

      Glad you like this mandala. We havent made any in a long while, but when we have a new one, we will let you know.

      Maybe you’d post it on your blog?

      o and om.


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