The Eyes Of Odysseus


… and upon the eyes of Odysseus there fell a sleep, gentle,
the sweetest kind of sleep with no awakening, most like
death; while the ship, as in a field four stallions drawing
a chariot all break together at the stroke of the whiplash,
and lifting high their feet lightly beat out their path, so
the stern of this ship would lift and the creaming wave behind her
boiled amain in the thunderous crash of the sea. She ran on
very steady and never wavering; even the falcon,
that hawk that flies lightest of all winged creatures, could not have paced her,
so lightly did she run on her way and cut through the sea’s waves.
She carried a man with a mind like the gods for counsel, one whose
spirit up to this time had endured much, suffering many
pains: the wars of men, hard crossing of the big waters;
but now he slept still, oblivious of all he had suffered.

The Odyssey
Book 13, Lines 79-92
Homer, ca. 8th century B.C.

-Richard Lattimore translation.

Art credit:  ‘The cyclops’,  1898. by odilon redon (1840-1916)

O and om. ♡

20 thoughts on “The Eyes Of Odysseus

  1. which is more glorious, the text or the image?
    never mind, it is a rhetorical question
    I adore their complementary exquisiteness, it is not a competition but a communion


    • Eep! I love your comment here, Linda!
      I agree :) (Btw, Eep is a sound I make in my head when something is all so cool/cute/special/sweet that I almost can’t keep myself from gushing over how amazed I am.)

      that eyeball in the painting.

    • Hello hello,
      I’m back in the radar. Just went to a fun writers meeting on how to get an agent.. And get published. Was very informative and confirmed the months of research I’ve been doing on the matter. The woman speaking has her own books out. I now have a very strong feeling Any published author is an expert on this, because of the work and research it takes to bring a book to the shelf.
      Learning the right way to get an agent and wrapping my mind around how hard it will be, and accepting the process all the same has been a challenge. I think Gemini, and of course I’m not lumping all of us into this pile, like to see steady progress. working on a book is about rejection and editing and going back to the drawing board time and time again. That’s a lot of going In circles before you can get anywhere. Gems aren’t about that. We like fast paced change..and quick results. All green lights. But I will say once we’ve embraced what the challenge will be, we are determined to succeed. I will speak for all Gemini s when I say this last part.
      Wouldn’t it be great if we could all write like homer right out if the box??
      So glad that you liked the painting. Odilon Redon Is one of my favorite artists. I should do a blog with more of his masterpieces. He seems like an ideological dreamer. The kind of guy you and I would love to grab coffee with. Way ahead of his time because he was one of the paving the way.
      Hugs to you and sexy dexy.
      O and om 🐱

      • I am very excited for you and I agree most gems like fast paced change. Many are not in anything for the long haul unless other parts of their chart indicate otherwise ( yours does indicate otherwise :) ) . I write in fits and starts, meaning sometimes it really flows and sometimes I am just not motivated. Like hot and cold water. Funny I am this way about most things. I can power through when I have to, but fortunately writing is a choice. Dex will be surprised and flattered by that compliment. I do not think being sexy is a top priority, what with food and squirrels and paper bags and following me around… xoxox

      • Its easier to power through when there’s an invisible gun to the head. I agree. I think these things, like pursuing art for arts sake, have to be done as an exercise. Then after three weeks your body is attuned to doing the work with an imaginary (or self made) deadline, and the work is easier to get to. You start wanting and needing to do it. Whereas a few weeks before it only existed as a dream. Kind of an interesting thought about how easy it is to train our minds. Nothing changed in the real world what had changed for the artist is inside. :)
        I like the sexy dexy nickname. And I have a feeling he can do his favorite hobbies and still keep his mojo.
        What have you been up to? The flow never gets going all the time. Just gotta sit down when nothings working, and power through. Feels like chewing on tin foil.. But after their minutes, the brain loosens up.

        Hugs, O and om 🐱


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