Dearest Odyssians,


I have been awarded a wonderful blog award, despite the verbal carnage i continually thrust upon you week after week.  It’s been a long while since I’ve gotten one, so I’m ticked pink. Pink like the Liebster medallion of the award i got.

Thank you Very much SAMTIERNAN for nominating me.

And here goes everything:

** Keeping answers vague as not to trigger any security access questions later. though They know everything about me already, don’t they?


1.Where are you from?

The Midwest of the USA

2. Favorite movie?

Blade Runner (so glad to hear that they are doing a remake with Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford. I’m hoping they bring in Rutger, Daryl, and Sean Young to reprise their roles as well. and i’m hoping Harrison stops flying planes/helicopters/kites and stays on the ground. Also, no remake would be complete without a soundtrack by musical master… Vangelis.

3. Favourite colour?

Green. Decided this a long time ago, and still hold it dear. Though, i like blue and esp. any combo of blue-green = earth’s finest calling card.

4. Do you remember the first piece of make up you got?

No. I’m not big into makeup. But I will say concealer, mascara, eyeliner, lip balm and blush are essentials. I guess I just admitted I’m into make up. Well, that was refreshingly passive aggressive.

5. What did you do today?

-Worked on my debut novel. wrote in some corrections. also did research for a major character’s secret plot line. I won’t reveal more as it’s part of a big reveal twist at the end that  I’m knee deep in crafting. the book’s  a psychological thriller (with bad punctuation) that’s got my mind twisted in loops writing it. if it’s got me like this and i’m in charge it might be just the thing to keep readers on their toes. So I’m embracing the frenzy that runs through my mind as I tie up the plots many many loose ends/ mysteries.

-ate thai for lunch. thai iced tea is my go to. wow. what a drink. nectar of the gods, plus caffeine. anything with condensed milk has me all in, jolt or not. Try one today!

6. Your favourite lollie?

What’s a lollie? :)

7. What are you most excited for?

Debut book being done. Blade Runner sequel being released. The future.

8. Do you like chocolate?


9. Favorite song?

what’s on now. Wave by Beck.

10. How do you pass the time when you’re bored?

There’s no reason to be bored!! so much to do. so little time.

11. Are you friends with the same people you were 5 years ago?

yep. yep. yeppers.

So here are the rules of the Liebster Award.




  1. Well deserved O and OM! What you lack in blogging consistency you more than make up for in splendiferous photography, mastery of irony, addictive humor, stunning intelligence, and unparalleled creativity. Plus Odie is supercuddlycute!

    Amazing that you did an award post AND followed a few of the rules! Wow we are in a new cosmic paradigm, lol!
    Kidding aside, your blog rocks and I wish I was around when you were delivering posts with incredible lengthy prose on a regular basis. Hell, there are archives I can peruse so all is good.

    Thank you for including me ( or do I wait to be notified by you?) I am humbled either way. I am also excited to visit some blogs you listed that are new to me.

    Dex and I love you guys who have been with us almost since the inception.

    hugs to the most novel novelist I know and OM too :)

    l & d

    • hi l and d,

      you’ve been a major part of our blogging experience on. so we have to thank you for keeping with us along the long and surprising path that blogging is, and for inspiring us., and having your own blog be awesome at the same time. I also think your mystic guidance is invaluable. can you Tell me more about this new cosmic paradigm? Is it related to the eclipse that’s coming up? what should we be aware of, oh wise one?

      You’re an amazing writer. and your grammar and punctuation are spot on. How do you do it all? Please have Dex send Odie some tips on spell correction and punctuation. we need it.

      and many more happy years of blogging in light work to you,
      o and om

      • well thanks for the props, o and om. I was kinda joshing about the new cosmic paradigm( meaning the world must be changing if you are accepting a blog award and doing an award post!) Have not really examined the eclipses yet. We already have so much going on with the final Pluto Uranus square and mars on the node activating the square. just too much stuff! You must be jesting about the grammar and spelling but we graciously accept your kind words. My typing is lousy but spellcheck comes in handy usually. Blogging has been a portal for me and I am grateful to have found it in time. It is great to have you and Odie with us on this wild ride.

        l &d

  2. I thank you most kindly O and Om for honouring me with your thoughtful award.. I am most grateful for you thinking of me.. And I congratulate you for your well deserving award… And I loved reading about you day and things you like etc…

    Unfortunately in Jan of this year I decided to make my blog an award free receiving and awards… This one is a new one on me.. and your blog is most deserving of the LOVE you share..

    Sending love and Light dear friend and I thank you most sincerely for thinking of me.. Hugs Sue x

    • hi sue –
      you are most welcome and i completely understand your policy on awards – wouldn’t awards be great if they didn’t require so much work to keep them going? I’m thinking about posting an award that only requires one question to answer and three people to spread to. would that make awards more fun?
      i am still happy i selected your blog though. you do great work. and we are kindred spirits.
      hugs and hugs and congrats,
      o and om

      • Many thanks O and Om.. that is very kind of you.. I did create an award dear O and Om.. you can find it on my right hand side of my blg, just click and you can pass it along to any deserving Blog with my Love and Blessings.. The rules are simple and none existent.. But the blog needs to show compassion and love by bringing awareness that is all… So please feel free to share it.. It is the Dreamwalker’s Hearts as One Drumbeat Award.. xxx Love and Blessings xxx

    • Hello my dearest blue butterfly and spiritual blogger.
      Thank you for the hyper link. And for being An amazing blogger and friend on this spiritual journey that has no single guidebook.
      O and om. ♡


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