Let the bendy trips in

Dearest odyssians,

Optical Illusion via eyesofodysseus
this is your mind on ‘finishing a novel’

writing a mystery/thriller/fictional memoir is as hard as trying to make these rings not move when you look at them.

I dont usual air the dirty laundry of my writing process, but I feel like it might help me sort/ease my mental grind this time.

As i get closer to the end on my novel,’TT’, i feel the weight of its imaginary world (and the bad punctuation littered throughout – that i’ll have to correct before submission), crushing me. i’ve created an intricate series of lead ins to the plot twists yet to come. Now it’s time to push the coaster car/ story over the cliff and make the ride drop faster than my spirits about having to write the ending i threw everything and the kitchen sink at.

the drop needs twists and loops, curves, and some other twists too – like any good coaster- in order to keep the riders in the cars happy. That’s what i want more than anything… for ‘TT’ to be a real big time thriller that blows readers’ hair back. Riding the coaster should be fun fun fun. they’ve invested a lot in reading to page 350. the back end 50 can’t be a limp no go.

Here are my universal truths.

1. Riding the coaster should be fun.

2. building it should be also.

3. building it isn’t. Ugh ugh ugh. sad face. grumpy blah.

ok. sad fest over. rant done. i’ll complain/share more tomm.


Good luck to all writers of inter-genres. may the planetary alignment of PlUraTo be a blessing of clarity to you all. May Plurato untwist your twisty plot twists.

infinite hugs,

o and om.

22 thoughts on “Let the bendy trips in

  1. Whenever I look at Odie on that surreal header, I break into a wide grin :)
    I am excited about your book, But what is Plurato? Do you mean Pluto or is yours a fictional planet?



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