14 thoughts on “Sphynx cat photos : Odie extravaganza

  1. Wow, they are great! I recently posted a couple Dex shots but he is never camera ready. Odie looks like Zsa Zsa in that outfit and his expression is precious!
    Thanks for sharing these.

    • oh yes linda and sexy dexy,

      I did like your shots. saw them the other day, but was unable to comment and love from my limited cell phone. ill stop right by now and share the love.
      o and om.

    • Hello Fiesta.
      The sphynx is An amazing breed of cat. Warm. Friendly. Intelligent. Curious. A lap sitter. They are also hypoallergenic – as you said. While they are not completely allergen free, they can be tolerated, depending on how allergic you are to cats. If you’re highly allergic, I still would not recommend this breed. If you’re mildy allergic (long hours of exposure, lots of cats and cat hair in a home, and lots of petting before you mildy react), you should be ok. Going to a breeders home and interacting with the sphynx kittens, etc… should let you know. Once in your care, bathing your sphynx once every two weeks (which is recommended for all sphynx anyway) will also help reduce allergic reactions.
      An important note about this breed. This breed does not do well left alone.
      If you are only getting one cat, and not two, you will need to be home A LOT. They require constant company for their mental well being. I recommend eight hours of interaction of some type per day with your sphynx. Being nearby, petting, playing games, etc.
      They are clinging and want to give constant love.
      With that in mind, please get one. They are fabulous!!
      Hugs, O and om.
      Please feel free to contact if you would like any more info about these cats.!!!

      • Thank you, I love that you gave me a good idea of what a sphynx needs to be a happy and healthy cat. Also that you wrote about the allergies. I’m probably more than mildly allergic. I guess I’ve always loved cats and been unable to have one. Finally, the part about being able to be present for 8 hours a day is not possible for me at this time in my/our lives. I will continue to love on your cat, meantime. I will continue to dream about a day when I can live with that special cat. Hugs right back, K

      • Hi. Thank you. ☺
        We appreciate the kitty love for odie. And are happy that you will consider a sphynx when you have more time to spend at home. I love how much you love sphynxs.
        O and om. ♡

    • Hi KNA,
      Thank you for the grand compliment. I have a huge smile on my face today.
      I’ve been trying to tell odie how lucky he is that I found him -for many years!! I’ll be sure to read your comment to him, in the hopes he’ll take note.
      Just kidding. I think Odie feels lucky. He smiles often, has a wonderful appetite for a variety of foods, wants to play constantly, and tells me so. He’ll call to me and drag his telephone cord (his new fave toy) to wherever I am in the house until I play ‘chase the telephone cord’ That means dragging the cord back and forth, and back and forth, until he gets tired – which is never.
      When he finally does sleep, he has pleasant dreams.
      That’s all a mom can ask for. And his health.

      hugs again,
      Odie, and his very appreciative mama, OM


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