The threshold

Reblogging this in honor of Sindy’s “Let’s Go Retro” blogging challenge. Please click the link to read more about this online project and it’s importance to all of us as bloggers.

Hope everyone enjoys this post I did nearly three years ago. Very interesting to see how I feel about thresholds today, versus to how I felt about them when I posted this. I do see doorways from a different perspective, having worked a year on a book that I hope will open new doors, and thereby, new horizons,. HAPPY BLOGGING TO ALL *** will you share a post from your first year of blogging? Hugs, O and OM.


The threshold: a point of beginning or an entry way.
Some of the spiritual implications of the threshold are captured here in these powerful photographs.
What thresholds have you chosen to cross or not cross in your lifetime?
How is a doorway a path to a new beginning? In what way can it also be a path of no return?







May all of your crossings bring you renewed joy, excitement and purpose. May the fear of crossing new thresholds fade away, leaving only intrepid impulse.

Love odie and odie mama

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20 thoughts on “The threshold

    • Hi sg,
      What a great blogging idea. I totally forgot I did this post til you reminded me, btw. Sometimes the work we did in the past needs to be dusted off and admired in the present, because there’s no better feeling than progress!
      I want to do more threshold pic posts soon. There’s Something very interesting about them that still gets me thinking.
      Glad you like this one. Let me hop over to your site after I knock out a few more book edits and I can return the favor of your kind words.
      O and om 🐱

      • Hey O and om,
        I just saw this message that you wrote over a month ago! Thank you for stopping by my blog, the compliment and the follow! I follow you as well. I am happy for this connection.
        Hugs to you.

    • Hi Jamie!
      What a wonderful post about iris, the messenger, the rainbow, and the Gemini aspect of the divine. And of course I also think of the Christian references to the rainbow as a sign of God’s covenant with people on earth. They all seem to fit.
      I am going to look and find where she shows up in my chart.
      P. S., I’m a Gemini sun sign. So this will be extra interesting. We love words, communication, messages, and mind (games).
      How do I find her in my chart exactly ? You mentioned iris 7…. Am I looking for a planet?
      O and om 🐱

  1. This was new to me this time around O and Om.. thank you… Beautiful photo’s .. Here’s to all our Pathways containing open doors. <3
    Have a Perfect week


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