20 thoughts on “Lining up

  1. Hey O and OM,

    It would be amiss of me to not drop by, wish you a Happy Birthday and leave a short poem as a gift. I hope you have had a wonderful day and will enjoy a feast of health, happiness and good luck in the twelve months ahead.

    ~ A Seekers Three Birthdays ~ from ‘ The Dance of Light ‘ ~ by ~ Sri Chinmoy

    Each seeker can count his age
    From three different dates:
    The day he saw the light of day,
    The day he sat at his Master’s feet,
    The day he became the Heart
    Of the Pilot Supreme.

    I wonder what age you are?


    DN – 26/05/2015

    P.S: Perhaps next birthday you’ll be celebrating your books second edition printing. Good luck :)

    • Dearest dewin of the secret Cloak and cool art.
      Hope you’re doing well.
      Many thanks for a lovely b-day poem. which age am I? If seeing the Masters feet is believing, and not dying, I’m there, in the middle, Exploring new found commitment to my faith. I think the first one, about seeing the light, is more about being born. Though it is obviously also spiritual in a way. The last one I hope to achieve.. But many years from now, God willing.
      Did I get on target with any of these interpretations ? What age are you?

      O and om.

      • Hey O, and OM of the Cat Hooded Coat and forthcoming blockbuster…

        How are you two crazy cats…still shining, scrying, scribing, scratching and scribbling, and I hope all but through adding scintilla to the magnum opus and putting the ‘ink’ in twinkle back into the literary world. Everything is still crossed for your success.

        Fascinating image choice Om…if you are going to be granted a wish then why not wish BIG and in Gold right? I love the colours and contrasts…the unfathomable beauty in the mysteries of cobaltous space is instantly compelling.

        Thank you for your reply…so pleased you enjoyed the poem…you never mentioned what sort of a day you had so I’ll imagine the best and applaud the blooming of your 25th year on earth from afar…an Odie Mama by any other name is still a rose….(I read your reply to Linda) I think all flowers have their individually unique seasons in the grand year of life, and I think the rush comes when the fall of sunlight on unfolding petals is experienced as if for the first time every morning we open our eyes thereafter :)

        I wondered which line of the poem you might choose and thought perhaps you’d find the middle way a place mutually independent of origination, cosmogony or annihilation, and concerned only with existence. It is the perfect consciousness for the elemental soul of a wild whispering wind.

        What age am I? Hmmm. well, if the age ‘I’ am is defined by the ‘period of time my hosting body’ has rolled, slithered, crawled and walked the earth then I am as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth, although neither they nor I will see 25 or 35 again :)

        I hope you two, the soulful duo, are having a wonderful weekend. Love to Odie. Take care.


        DN – 31/05/2015

  2. Happy Birthday OM ;) Dexter is trying to keep his eyes open for the occasion. Christiane Northrup says don’t tell anyone your age in order to stay young. Don’t have to worry about you as you are forever young.Have a great year!

    love, l&d

    give Odie a squeeze for us!

    • Hi l and d.
      Too late. I hinted at my age in my numerology line up. But I’m OK with it. I have to admit Im Hoping I look 25 forever.. Even when I’m fifty. A girl can dream. And this late bloomer is no exception.
      How r u two doing??
      Hugs and thanks,
      O and om.


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