12 thoughts on “A writer’s Ode to Inner Strength

  1. Hey O and OM,

    A line to offer my sincere congratulations on the forthcoming conclusion to your Odyssey and the success that will surely follow…both for the book and for you. It is a phenomenal achievement OM and well worthy of extended celebration. I hope you are proud of what you have lovingly nurtured from a tiny seed, and will be inspired to squeeze out the opening lines for the next book at some point before you reach home…one has to keep the energy flowing forwards…it gives us another dream to chase after :)

    Best wishes, keep on trucking!


    DN – 28/06/2015

    • Hi dewin,
      Always a pleasure to hear from you in the land of one’s and zeros. Your words give life to this inherently ‘ inanimate’ platform.
      As for this book of mine… Well, We are 80% done, (final final edit = ready for submission to people who don’t know me/friends) but with each passing day, crossing the finish line seems more possible.
      Your support and inspiring words will help fuel us through that last 20%. Believe us!!!

      I’m looking forward to sharing more about this project when it’s ‘done’ aka, being submitted to agents. I don’t think I can share direct excerpts (publishers want unpublished work, so I’ve heard.) buy I can give theme and some plot basics, like what you might see on a back cover of a book. Your support has been tremendous in encouraging me to get this done, and share when it is.

      How are you????????????

      O and om.♡

      • Hey O and OM,

        Digital salutations from the inherently virtual platform of 1 and 0’s and an animated ‘hello’ from the living breathing me :)

        Inspirational words are found in your posts, like this excellent quote here and your blog is so full of treasure, every post is a small pearl of pleasure. It’s what brings me back each time to visit…that and the smile in your comments of course, thank you.

        I found this little ode and thought I’d share.

        ~ The 20% Burn ~

        The passion of a marathon runner is uniquely distinguished
        Because a flame burns until it’s extinguished.
        You are a shooting star, and
        more brilliant than Odie’s comm-et ;)

        (Sorry Odie, only teasing…your fabulous fine fair flair is equally as fair as the fine fair fare of her fine fair flair and the finer fare of the fine fair flair of the books fine flaring fair flair flame)

        I know all your readers are eager to dive into the splash of a surprise boo-jacket reveal. I have the ghost of a breath held so please sprint to finish the last line.

        Love will get you to the end of your book and then set your course for the next high rolling sea.

        Good luck you guys, keep going :)


        DN – 30/06/2015

  2. An incredible quote to make this incredible time in your life. I begin each day with your mandala and its brilliant colors of red, purple and green ~ and think of you ~ and imagine your life journey filled with love, laughter and lots of moving and memorable moments ~ Congratulations on this remarkable achievement…

    • Hi Kim,
      Thank you!!! You’ve made my day. I was feeling journey weary, I must admit, and then you shared how much our art has inspired the start of your day, and we were so touched. Nearly brought me to tears, Happy tears, that is!! I’m not ashamed to say how much your thoughtful comment has touched us. And want to let you know it will help us to keep trucking through the rest of our book Odyssey.

      Humbled, appreciative, and almost to safe shores. From which, we will share more about this project, and it’s details.
      O and om.♡

  3. Congratulations, OM … soon that wonderful, wild feeling of completion. This is such a great quote, and sounds very familiar (which is likely why I think it’s such a great quote!). Thank you for sharing it. Hello to Odie. xoxo Jamie

    • Hi Jamie,
      Nice to see your lovely face in your new bloggers decal. Avatar? I’m not sure the right word….
      Thanks for the share. Very much appreciated. I’m glad that the quite resonated. As an accomplished writer and academic, I know you’ve been through the challenge of writing, and have come out the other side stronger for it. This quite was tailor made for warriors of the word like you!! Thank you for your continued support. It’s been such a boon for the book.

      Many Hugs to you and the fur babies!!
      O and om.♡


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