19 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you, kid.

      • hi jess-
        She does!! excellent news. We like the name garth for a hairless kitty. What color/colors is he? What’s his personality like?
        Odie hates taking baths too. But he needs them. a lot. This breed gets ring around the wrinkled collar so fast!! gosh darn.
        After his bath, Odie starts purring. Lets me know he’s ok with the job i’ve done as his devoted minion. And then we hug, and he runs off to play and he gets dirty all over again.
        hugs to you and your aunt and garthy poo!!
        o and om

      • I thought I wrote back to this, sorry. He is the same colour as Odie, and his personality is quite shy. A little sneek- a -poo. Loves his food though, and purrs ever so loudly when eating.

        Devoted minion haha amazing :D I am a devoted minion to my parrot Manu. Well actually, consider him my husband really.

        hugs hugs xx

      • Hi jess.
        And I’m sure that many considers you his wifey. Parrots are super devoted to their owners. Cute!!
        White is most common sphynx color. But they come In a variety of colors and some are even striped like tabbies.
        Aww. He’s shy??
        Odie Isnt.
        Hugs, O and om. ♡

      • Odie isn’t *laughing hysterically*
        Yeah, he was adopted late in life from a shelter, so has some emotional baggage I’m sure.

        The love I have for Manu. I cant even <3


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