11 thoughts on “Mandala art: electric beauty

    • Hi wmp,

      It’s a digital creation, but not with vectors. Original file size in a little over 1 MB. Not huge, but works well for WordPress.
      I’m hoping to draw more in the coming days. I have so much fun making them. The simplest one sometimes turn out to be the ones I’m most fascinated by their intricate complexities.
      O and om 🐥

      • Really cool. Don’t know what a vector is or isn’t, but I do know beauty when I see it. Love it!!
        Mary….or wmp :)

      • Oh how you flatter us!!!
        Many thanks.
        Vector art is art drawn by computer vectors /lines/angless, and recognized by computer. Vector art can be printed at very large sizes without loss of image quality /fidelity, meaning It won’t get blurry when you zoom in.

        So glad you like it.
        O and om 🐈


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