22 thoughts on “Beautiful flowers: pleasing pink

    • Hi apple!!
      Thank you for stopping by and for following. We look forward to seeing your pink blog.
      We hopped over to your blog, (we love pizza too!! And Italy) and our phone app. Won’t let us follow so easy. So I’m going to go to my computer and try to follow your blog from there.

      O and om 🐱

    • Hi wmp!!
      Always a marvelous pleasure to hear your thoughts. Hope you are well.
      I liked how serene this pink pic made me feel. This rose has a subtle power to it, doesn’t it?? Don’t all roses?
      I think I’ll be posting more flower pics this week. Hope they’re to your liking as well.

      Hugs to you and your fur baby doggie, the one you wrote about on the odysseus return home post.
      O and om 🐱

      • I don’t know, O and OM, this one seems special. Maybe it’s the clarity and depth. Maybe it is the strength of it, in such a feminine soft color. Maybe the moist droplets. Yes, a subtle power. I don’t know about all roses. Some draw me, and some I pass by. There was one little wild rose on our path last month. It lasted a long time, and I could smell its fragrance about 30 yards before I could see it, almost like hearing a smell. That one had such a friendly calling. It’s sad about commercial roses. They have no fragrance whatsoever. Sad they have been so inbred, probably not touched a single time by a blessed honey bee.
        Hugs back to you and o.

      • Sue!!
        I finally found your gardening site. Wow. I must say I am so happy to see just how vast your gardening enterprise is. From the fresh cut flowers, to the healthy and abundant greens and veggies, to your well kept home and grounds, my mind is blown away by how impressive your massive operation is. Your newly painted Garden furniture looks great, and your granddaughter (what a head of brilliant red hair she has!!!) looks so happy to be spending such valuable and important quality time with you. You’re certainly teaching her the best way forward for all of our futures!!

        Congrats and hugs!!!
        A speechless O and om 🐱

      • O and Om.. the ‘Enterprise’ as you call it could not be achieved without my Hubby :-) We both pitch in together.. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours catching up on the weeding.. We have been so busy gathering crops and freezing the weeds got a foot hold :-) I hope to be posting more soon.. I have just been so busy and then taking time to relax on Sunny days to make the most of our British Summer which is often variable :-)..

        Yes our granddaughter is precious.. And Red hair runs in the family.. It missed me and was passed to my Son,, but not surprising as his Dad had red hair.. Now white LOL. :-)
        The plot is a large one and you need to be up there most days to keep onto of it.. :-) xxx
        Thank you :-D and will be in touch V, Soonxx

  1. This particular picture leaves me with the feeling the entire rose is blooming out of nothing at all, a potent, pink, vibrant nothing at all– and could keep doing so indefinitely. It is refreshing.

    Thank you…

  2. Hey O and OM,

    ~ The Beauty of a Rose ~ From ‘Wings of Joy’ ~ by ~ Sri Chinmoy

    No more brooding,

    No more despondency.

    Your life shall become

    The beauty of a rose,

    The song of the dawn,

    The dance of twilight.

    If I can always have

    A childlike confidence,

    Then my Lord Supreme

    Will without fail, become

    My sleeplessly self – sacrificing Friend.

    You have given freedom to your mind.

    Therefore, your mind causes worries for you

    About the future.

    Why do you not give freedom to your heart?

    Your heart will definitely prepare you

    For the future.

    If we feel secure

    In the depths of our heart,

    We shall not challenge anybody,

    For inner confidence

    Is nothing short of

    Complete satisfaction.


    DN – 22/08/2015

    • Dearest dewin,
      How we love this special poem. I’ve been feeling not so positive since finishing my book, and starting to write letters to prospective agents for representation, and this poem really inspired me to not give up and to keep forging ahead. To keep confident, though the road ahead is long.

      Thank you very much for this,
      O and om 🐇🐘🐄🐆🐟🐬

      • Dearest O and OM,

        You’ve finished the book, what already!!! :D Should I be surprised, symbiotic genius that you (both) are?

        With such news, and suddenly the excitement of the moment returns ‘threefold’…the grand ‘battle’ is won, but the ‘war’ is not quite yet over, and there is a little distance still to go…and yet I am distinctly reminded of the myth of the Golden Fleece and the obtaining of a near impossible goal. Jason and the Argonauts retrieved the Golden Fleece having destroyed the dragon guarding it but still had to sail onwards and return to Iolkos.

        Looking ahead, beyond the torn golden tape of that now past finishing line, I see opportunities and possibilities presenting themselves to you in ways that will delight and inspire you onwards…after all, you were not blessed with the gift of words nor inspired to write a novel unless it was for a very real purpose. The test is now one of endurance to determine your metal so to speak. How bad do you want success, how eager are you to go and get it? My brother, a super-fit guy, runs marathons for fun (for fun! – crazy dude that he is lol) and he tells me that he hits the wall at about 19-21 miles every time he runs. What gets him to the end is sheer will of effort and strength of resolve, the determination to not be beaten. He runs this last 6 miles on vapours, but finishes every time at a near sprint for the last third of a mile. One has to have respect for such courage, and for his ability to dig deeper still drawing on reserves that he didn’t even know about. And I get the very strong impression O and OM, that you guys are very similar in that way as well and will always be the last woman and cat left standing in any race that carries you towards a Published conclusion :)

        You are that poetic Rose, and the long hazy, crazy days full of summer sunshine will keep you sweetly blooming for all those Publishing houses to admire.

        Have a wonderful weekend :)


        DN – 22/08/2015

  3. P.S: I like the new look format of your Blog :) It makes that Pink Rose stand out as Michael observantly suggests. Pink is a beautiful colour and laden with wonderful symbolism as I am sure you already know…


    DN – 22/08/2015

    • HI DW!!
      Glad that the new format is taking effect. Since my blog is mostly pictures now, I wanted to highlight those. Some sacrifices have been made (the top button to see more aspects of the blog is an extra step I feel can be tedious for readers), but overall, I’m happy with it.
      We are especially glad to hear that you are too.
      I must say, I didn’t know that pink was a power color> any quick insights to share here? Or a link to lead us in the right direction. Rose quartz? Roses?….I should start looking at this point – just a feeling. Also, why am I seeing ‘healing’ as an aspect of this color, before looking for answers? Something innate?
      O and OM

    • Your brother is to be commended. And the stories he’s told you about his experience as a long distance runner hold true, comparatively speaking, to all long term success seeking scenarios. The last few miles are the hardest.
      I’m particularly noticing this myself. The past two few weeks have been agonizingly difficult – I can’t seem to get out of bed, to the keyboard (where the book is concerned) or to a meal or to a task. I’m become the ship with no sails. Lots of gold cargo on board to be delivered. But no sure port to sail into.
      With the book (my golden treasure), I had a daily rhythm, though not always fun (good writing never always is) and a sh*t ton of work (good writing always is), I embraced what is still a challenge. I not only embraced it.. I raced towards it.
      But… with the book done, things got ‘ too real’ in a hurry.

      New broken mindset: Submissions leads to rejections. Rejections lead to dead ends. Dead ends lead to failure. Failure leads to me back where I”m not writing at my own pace as I have been. Scary.
      Yes, this is not always how that path goes. Submissions lead to rejections lead to trying again, leads to… success. yada yada.
      I’m well versed in the rehearsal of success, but that doesn’t mean I”m here putting in the performance. Distractions abound seem much more inviting:

      exhibit a: Aren’t my new mandalas pretty?


      So…. here i am. circling the drain on the last few miles of the marathon.

      who knew “finishing” a debut would be so paralyzing.

      I do hope you know me better than I know myself — You say I will finish the process. I wont give in to fear. I will find a port to sail into and sell the book as the golden goods….. I will.

      o and om.

  4. Hey O and OM :)

    The new format is sleek, uncluttered and streamline, and foregrounds your images beautifully. I enjoy the immediacy of the reveal without distraction or impediment. The two tone white and cream remains fresh and youthful and the font-type pulls it all together in a most professional way. A great choice of theme.

    You ask for a starting point in your pink panther like investigations (had to get a cat joke in there somewhere lol) and the one below is as good as most for general commentary.


    But I wonder if you want something more than general commentary, and in respect to Sri Chinmoy, the following is more precisely what I was alluding to…The Heart of God (The Threefold Flame)

    ‘The pink plume represents love and compassion, the very nature of God. This love knows the difference between sympathy, a debilitating emotion, and empathy, a strengthening one. It is not smothering or controlling but supportive and freeing. The ideal is that these plumes are balanced within us so that power is tempered with love and love is saturated with wisdom […] In reality, true love is the perfect balance of the three plumes—an empowering and wise compassion that expresses the essence of God’s being in ways that only bless and benefit mankind.'(http://www.heartscenter.org/TeachingsBlogs/FoundationalTeachings/More/TheThreefoldFlame/tabid/367/Default.aspx#.VdjFOGctFKY)

    There is much to read on-line should your curiosity be roused sufficiently :) In addition, the symbolism of the Rose will also lead you down a garden path to leave you comforted amidst transcendent thoughts and imaginings. I know you will enjoy the beauty of a Rose as She spirals outwards from her heart. I liken the Rose to Venus: the compassionate and loving heart of Grace, and consider the Rose’s annual return as emblematic of an important aspect of the Divine Feminine Principle innate within all life.

    I hope you’ll find as much joy and loving comfort in Her pink hearted bloom as I do :)


    DN – 22/08/2015


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