Mandala art: subtle serenity in seafoam

Dearest odyssians,


Here’s Our newest mandala.
We hope you like it.
O and om 🐱


7 thoughts on “Mandala art: subtle serenity in seafoam

  1. For some reason it looks to me like a wheel of deer hooves, in a good way. I love the star at the middle, at the center of a wheel of deer hooves. But I’m tired to the point I shouldn’t be commenting on blogs tonight, so I would. You could put the wheel of deer hooves on an axle with a handle and walk through the woods, leaving a very tidy trail of prints. There would be great confusion about that deer, a real certainty mixed with uncertainty, an unsettling question we can’t quite put our finger on… That makes us think of stars!


    • Hi Michael,
      What an interesting observation, that is quite true now that I look at it.
      I like the hooves on the wheel story. A great way to confuse trackers and wolves. :)
      Im still working on my letter to agents and have not gotten back to editing your pdf. Thank you for bearing with me.
      As you know, and I don’t remind telling you again and again, I love your writing!! And ideas.
      O and om 🐈

      • Hello O,

        No worries whatsoever. Take all the time you need. I’ve been working my way back through my own draft novel, and have applied some of your constructive feedback to the first few chapters. I think slowly they are improving– becoming a little tighter and more open at the same time, if that makes any sense… At any rate, thank you, thank you… Whenever you get to it will be perfect… And I look forward very much to the day when I can read more of your own long-form writing!


      • Hi michael,
        I wonder how it starts??? Very curious. I’m resisting the temptation to ask for more chapters, as I still have to shorter, mid section to make my way through.
        I’m glad you’ve taken up the mantle again. As is always true in writing, “we have to trust our own judgements, through other’s eyes.” – Meaning feedback is great, but we have to apply it, as we know what’s best for the work, and what changes, if any, need to be made.

        I trust your judgement on your mystical work.

        O and oM. And thanks for your patience.


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