Mandala Art: Mystic Ruby

dearest odyssians,

mystic ruby mandala by eyesofodysseus


O and OM


14 thoughts on “Mandala Art: Mystic Ruby

  1. Hi O and OM,
    Have either of you seen the film Inside Llewyn Davis? I just saw it and it led me back here. The film was meh but what kept me interested was this cat that played a major role. He took the cat with him on his travels and other cats and cat antics ensue. At the end of the film we find out the name of the cat – Ulysses . So I think of Odie and then realize the names are not relate until..
    I go on IMDB to learn more about the film and read a thread about the cat. Apparently Ulysses is the Roman name for Odysseus and that the Odyssey plays a role in this film. I was so engaged with this cat and to find out his name is the same as Odie was very auspicious.

    Namaste, Linda and Dexter in spirit

    • Hi Linda lite spirit Dex!!
      I’ve never seen the film, and based on your review, I don’t think I want to :) But I will look into this Ulysses cat. Yes. The Romans adopted many greek legends, and made them their own in order to show a provenance rooted richly in ancient traditions linked directly the old gods and their divine power. Proving lineage back to Greece gave Romans extra cool points, esp in art, literature, music, sculpture, philosophy, medicine etc. You name it, they copied it. Initiation is the highest fork of flattery…
      I will look into this magic cats film work. And I will be sure to show odie and see if he wants to start acting so I can keep writing.
      Hugs,. O and om 🐱

      • It is so funny. I recorded 2 films 2 watch, Lleylwn and Don Hemingway. Both featured cats to one degree or another. In Hemingway , Jude Law’s character killed a cat named Bernard ( my dad’s name) and it is mentioned several times in the film. I am attracting cat mania :)

      • Hi lite.
        We never saw the Don Hemingway. Is it avail on Netflix? Is it new or old? Do you still recommend it even though Jude killed a cat? An unforgivable sin…
        If you think we should see it and it’s avail online, just let us know.
        Thanks for the info.
        O and om.
        … Strange indeed…

      • I saw it on Cable. It is just a year old or so. If you like Jude Law, it is worth fast forwarding through. The strangest part is that I saw these 2 films practically back to back and the first one especially focused on cats. I did not like either film, but with the first one I was so curious about the cat antics. Do not want to give away the plot. hugs, Linda

      • hi linda,
        thanks for no give aways.
        is it serendipity, me thinks.. about the cats.but what do you think it portends?

        Ill check out the jude law movie. I used to like him more than i do now, but of course… who’s A-list anymore in Hollyweird. the whole business has been uprooted and upended. the old ways are out, and the new is changing by the minute. sadly, i fear its the same way in publishing. no more gatekeepers.

        we will still find our way… :) we have no choice.

        o and om


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