Amazing nature landscape: desert prose

Dearest Odyssians,


Consider this landscape a palette cleanser.

I’ve been riding on the edge as of late, due to overwhelming stress trying to pen the perfect query letter to potential future agents. Thanks for sticking with me, Odyssians. You’re kind words have kept me on track.

O and om 🐱

9 thoughts on “Amazing nature landscape: desert prose

    • Thanks wmp.

      Sorry for last night’s rambling rant. It was late, and I went full tilt pirate style at the local watering hole.
      And you’re correct. We are amazingly connected though we’ve never met. Case in point, you could translate my repsonse to your insightful comments. Forgive me for seeming bellicose and grandiose. My intention was only to convert the agonizing frustration and crippling fear I feel at getting this letter into perfect shape.
      More importantly, Odie and I have been
      Loving your nature pics. Especially the ones of the lizard king that lives in the stones by the stream.

      Perspective is key, as your dearly departed shared. You’ve been helpful in keeping my perceptive more positive and on track.
      Hugs and snuggles,
      O and om 🐱

      • There is certainly a time for the local watering hole! You didn’t seem grandiose or bellicose to me. It was the agonizing frustration and crippling fear about getting the letter perfect that came across.
        I’m glad you like my photos. I love my lizard friends.
        Please keep us posted (haha) on how your letter comes out, and the responses.
        Snuggle that beautiful Odie for me and hugs to you om,

  1. Hello O,

    I have a plan. Let me carry that fear for you for a day or two, and you see if you can’t fire off a few of those sweet letters. I heard it on good authority, grace has already made the arrangements… She is standing by the dull end of the cannon with a lit match at the read, awaiting your presentation of the fuse… :)

    In all sincerity, I extend to you my earnest support.


    • oh, that i could give you this burden, and be free of it forever. The thought alone seems too good to be true. (it is)
      yet i wouldn’t wish what I’m feeling about this upon anyone. Really.

      But, your eyes might see something that I haven’t picked up yet in what I’ve been toiling on.

      And that could be of greater help.

      Thank you MM>

      O and OM.

    • Dearest dearest SD-
      Guess what?? the letter is really almost truly done. really almost truly. I can hardly believe it myself. But we stuck with it.
      How is the potato picking? Not sure if you’ve read the Martian – matt damon and ridley are in the movie based on the book. should be in theatres soon..
      but in the martian he plants potatoes, and lots of them.
      seems labor intensive to a point.
      is it in real life?
      and happy picking.
      o and om


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