Space landscapes : the first frontier

Dearest odyssians,


What an amazing universe we live in. What amazing art it inspires. Which one is your fave?

O and om 🐱

26 thoughts on “Space landscapes : the first frontier

  1. Hey O and OM,

    These are stunning images! If only one had chance to actually see and experience the real thing…what a dream come true that would be! :)

    I struggle to identify a favourite amongst them, although the first appeals somewhat more than the others. It reminds me of gargantuan crack opening, or a dark seam forming in the void, an entrance way perhaps to another world or dimension. It is quite beautiful, don’t you think?

    As for Europa, yes indeed it is an inhospitable place. Whilst the potential for new life may well lie beneath its frozen surface in the depths of its oceans, physical contact should be clearly avoided – if the cold didn’t freeze you, then the Radiation would most certainly provide a horrendous death within a day.

    Thank you for sharing the mind-blowing expanse of infinite horizons :) You are like a golden compass that points towards the stars!

    But tell me, do you have a favourite image amongst those displayed?


    DN – 12/09/2015

    • hi DN –
      I like all of them quite a bit, but I have to say the first one, the break in the space time line breaking open to reveal more magic than is seen in two dimensions alone is my fave. Something terribly unique about it. and its not so much an abstract, since the details in it are drawn with such clarity.
      *check out 2010, the sequel to space odyssey, for more info.

      O and oM.

      • Hey O and OM,

        Thank you for your reply. It seems as though the first image appeals to many and I can understand why…the allure of mystery is a powerful motivator isn’t it?

        Often in these beautifully rendered images the colours are superimposed, a freedom of the graphic artist perhaps who adds their imaginative dimension to the photograph. And as Linda astutely acknowledges, the colours of a rainbow somehow seem to suit the piece remarkably well.

        The larger question still remains however…would one be prepared to travel into this splicing of space and time that radiates it’s colours so illustriously? And if so, what may lie beyond? I guess ultimately there really is only one way to find out. Let’s hope Stephen Hawking was correct in his theoretical hypothesis about what happens to objects when they go beyond the Event Horizon to a place where even light cannot get back. Scientists believe the information about the object entering the Black Hole has to be conserved, even if the object itself is destroyed, and that remains a paradox for which science has yet to find an answer

        Stephen Hawking has proposed that the information is stored on the boundary; at the Event Horizon itself, suggesting that ‘it’ never makes its way into the Black Hole, and therefore has no need to return. Such a hypothesis implies that human beings might not disappear either if they fell into one: their unique information would remain either as Hologram, or they’d fall out of it someplace else.

        So, as Hawking’s suggests…”If you feel you are in a Black Hole, don’t give up! There is a way out’

        Perhaps one day we’ll find out if this true. Who wants to go first? :)


        DN – 13/09/2015

      • HI dw-
        I think it i got the chance to pull an odysseus to the unknown side, I would go. and odie would go. would you go with us?
        i read recently that black holes aren’t the end all, be alls, that they told us they were. light can escape, etc…
        i wonder what stephen thinks about this revelation.
        I also agree with linda. the colors make sense here. There is probably a brilliance of all light after the event horizon.
        o and om.
        ** see 2001 &2010 asap.

      • Hey O and OM,

        Well now, yours is a fascinating reply, and had me peeping a little further into the darkness of a Black Hole. And indeed you are correct. Hawking submitted a theoretical paper in January 2014 that does away with the Event Horizon but retains his thoughts on Hawking Radiation to which you may be referring? (This paper has yet to pass peer review)

        ’In its stead, Hawking’s radical proposal is a much more benign “apparent horizon”, which only temporarily holds matter and energy prisoner before eventually releasing them, albeit in a more garbled form.’ […] ‘If Hawking is correct, there could even be no singularity at the core of the Black Hole. Instead, matter would be only temporarily held behind the Apparent Horizon, which would gradually move inward owing to the pull of the Black Hole, but would never quite crunch down to the centre. Information about this matter would not be destroyed, but would be highly scrambled so that, as it is released through Hawking Radiation, it would be in a vastly different form, making it almost impossible to work out what the swallowed objects once were. […] “It would be worse than trying to reconstruct a book that you burned from its ashes,” says Don Page, a physicist and expert on black holes at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, who collaborated with Hawking in the 1970s. In his paper, Hawking compares it to trying to forecast the weather ahead of time: in theory it is possible, but in practice it is too difficult to do with much accuracy.

        (The full article may be read here, I hope you’ll find it of interest:
        What does the phrase ‘pull an Odysseus to the unknown side mean?’ It may be a case of an Americanism being lost a little in translation…do you mean embark upon a Space faring voyage and ‘boldly go where no-one and an Odie have gone before’, and be successful in doing so? If so, and you are asking for crew members (how many do you have so far?), then sure O and OM, I’ll sign up for the voyage and join the ones already enlisted: why not, it sounds like a quite an adventure :) But tell me, just for curiosities sake, what is the name of your intrepid Spaceship?

        I thoroughly welcome the prospect of a Rainbow filled world bursting with colour on the other side of the Event Horizon/Apparent Horizon. It is a most delightful thought to ponder. Should someone or something ever make it through, I hope they’ll record what they discover there and find a way to inform us all.


        DN – 14/09/2015

    • hi DW-
      Wordpress drives me crazy – I’m replying to your comments (you posted days later in the comment chain), and this comment in particular:

      DW: What does the phrase ‘pull an Odysseus to the unknown side mean?’
      OM: I meant pull a journey… pull an Odyssey. Any trip through the a** crack of time space would take at least 20 years. :)

      Glad you have no issues joining. Would be great to get some more wordpressers and their animals along for the ride. People with kids probably won’t want to be gone for that long. Though a married mom of two that signed up without a second thought for the one way mars trip did prove I’m probably wrong about that.

      O and OM.

      • Hey O and OM,

        Thank you for clarification on the meaning of your Odyssey’s pretty much what I thought and expressed, and my decision to go remains unchanged. I have no issues with joining, and no obligations or commitments that might require my return either, so 20+ years is fine by me.

        I’m still curious to know the name of your Spaceship?


        DN – 15/09/2015

    • Hi linda –
      I agree. The first is just wow. I’ve never seen a space landscape quite like it. The last one tickles my warm and fuzzies. Who knew cold endless space could appear so inviting, warm, and as cozy as cotton candy**.

      ** Dexter’s here. and everywhere.

      O and OM.

    • yes sophia!! you got the hints!!
      So you’ve seen things/movies that people wouldn’t believe? **
      how profound that moment was. how true.
      And odie is loving that you like the way he gives his loyal readers an eyefull each time they visit us.
      Thank you very much.
      Hoping all is well over the pond, and the last of summer finds you relaxing before tucking in for fall and winter.
      O and OM.

      **another sci fi puzzler for you.

  2. I think we have consensus on that first image. Like Dewin said, the image of the night sky cracking open tends to grab hold of you… And I have to agree with Linda on the beauty of the purple nebula. But I also thought the clan of drifting asteroids was interesting. Like a family unit or something, sticking together… zooming past worlds… waving hello…

    Thanks for the inspiring images!


    • m&m –
      yes, the first one. I’m glad I opened the post with it. It’s a grabber… for sure. and the asteroid clan has an interesting story behind it, doesnt it?
      I’m wondering what you might write on the subject.

      o and om

  3. Hi O & Om,

    Stunning images indeed.

    But to my mind, what makes them stunning is the fact that we understand so little about such visuals of Space. What remains shrouded in mystery, defying explanations, always occur to us as something stunning.


    • Hi S.G>

      Glad to have your visit and thoughtful insights for this post. I agree with you. It’s all mystery and wonder. And all the more beautiful for it.
      Here’s to stardust dreams!!
      O and om.

  4. Wonderful collection of stunning visuals to our senses, Can we really perceive the vastness of space or the complexity of it’s nature.. The top one is my favourite, then the second one down..
    Have we ever I wonder contemplated the perfect circular planets, and wondered how on earth something which ( Exploded supposedly) managed to form such a perfect symmetrical shape? And if we were to look deeper into our cells how perfectly shaped our own cells are.. The space between them being energy, as is the matrix of vibration between planets and stars.
    Its way beyond our mortal comprehension to grasp the vastness or that there are more than likely many forms of life on many planets, but not as we know it.

    I was a great fan of Star-Trek :-) Space~ the final frontier :-D.. <3

    • hi sue.
      we were/are fans of those series as well. loved them all. old, new, and the movies as well.
      Yes. I think that we are like the cells in our bodies in terms of our relationship with space. Did i write that clearly? What i mean is i have a feeling if we humans could see space as a whole, it would look a large body, and we are the atoms inside of that body. and then that body is inside of another larger body, and on in on in perpetuity. macro to micro and vice versa. its a cool idea that they explored in a comic way in the Men in Black movie, where at the end the aliens are playing with marbles, and the marbles are planets like our own.


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