6 thoughts on “Nature photos : dandelion drops

  1. WoW.. love this photo O and Om.. and yes I often wonder about the perspective one gets from an insects view of the world.. I think often on that with the Cabbages.. I once wrote a short story on the caterpillar’s view of the world munching cabbages all day :-) I may resurrect it when I am short of ideas to post, which is often these busy days :-) xxx

  2. I wonder if the butterfly just landed. It seems to be looking right at the largest drop. Maybe just the slight weight change made the drop move a little and the butterfly is seeing a kaliedescope of moving yellow, blue and green.The drop is almost big as it is! Maybe just thinking about dinner. What a beautiful, beautiful picture!!!

    • hi wmp –

      Your comment reminds me of the butterfly effect principle. The smallest things create the biggest reactions that emanate for generations, into all of eternity.

      or as i would say to MM (embracing forever) – a verified patriots fan , “A little air in the pigskin goes a long way :) – all the way to the super bowl in some cases!” Hope you both dont mind a playful, well intentioned, teasing nfl joke thrown in.

      it is sunday, so i hope i am forgiven for making the football reference. If it makes anyone feel better, my Bears got torn to shreds. And things are not looking up for us this season. Pats will come out on top again, I think.

      alrighty then, back to your nice comment:

      You were saying maybe the little guy fly was just thinking dinner. I agree, and think The idea is profound in its simplicity.

      o and om.

      • Hi O and OM,I have been on a boat for a week with no internet, so just got this. Yes, the smallest movement – the effects echo all over the world. We played with echoes at Lake Powell – the 500 ft tall slot canyons can carry echoes around and around for a long time. I loved singing one note, then stopping – and the note continued as if I never stopped. I am not a football fan, so I don’t know what happens in that world. Where are Patriots and Bears from? New England Patriots, right? Haha, I know that much. I live far from there, but my faerie goddaughter lives in New Hampshire, but alas, she doesn’t watch football either. Again, though, I love the dandelion drop with the wee butterfly!!! Smiles,Mary

        Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 05:39:06 +0000 To: mmaulsby@hotmail.com


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