16 thoughts on “Natural Mandalas: flower power

    • Hi kim-
      Many thanks. Happy to see you on here? Isn’t nature amazing? I also love how we share her wonders with each other and can admire them all the more in a group setting. Lifts the spirits even higher :)
      o and om

  1. I feel like I just ate a rasher of starlight straight through my eyeballs… This image provides stunning commentary on everything I can possibly think of, O… :)


    • hi MM –

      I think you did. Lots of starshine happening in this one little flower.
      Your sunday (nfl) was better than mine. and will continue to be, from the looks of it.

      o and om/begrudgingly bears fans

  2. Hey O and OM,

    In preparation for the great Odyssey through the black-hole, I heard Odie had fitted new ‘optics’ to the spaceship’s computer system, but I hadn’t realised until I got here just how well they’d been engineered :D

    I’m certain I’ve never seen an image quite like this before. It’s out of this world isn’t it? ;)


    DN – 19/09/2015

    P.S: Still don’t know the name of your Spaceship? lol

    • hi dw-

      New optics you say? One large eye in the middle of the spaceships forehead? How bout The Polyphemus? Or 100 eyes/ports, never all taking science pics at any one time? and named the Argus? I like the later. Easier to say, and sounds more practical.

      The argus it is. with extra reinforcements so as to never be defeated by a single, smarter enemy.

      All crew members must submit birthdates (years not necc) to be allowed on board. captain odie’s strict orders.

      still care to fly? we hope so..

      captain odie (12/22), and first mate OM (5/25), reporting for duty.

  3. Exquisite, O and OM! I looked at it for a long time, and felt its power. I will come back to this, I think, like a poem I read over and over.

    • hi wmp:
      Happy to have you visit. Glad the flower transported you to a place of contemplation. Photoshop or pure natural magic, this pic gives me the “too cools”.

      happy monday. we hope you have a wonderful, stress free week.

      O and OM


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