18 thoughts on “Great advice: Rule your mind

    • hi LL –
      Ok. Well Odie’s looking to me to once again to do the heavy tech programming for the blog…and I’ve been looking to him. But, since He’s pointed out that doesn’t have thumbs (a lame excuse he always uses), I guess it’s up to me to fix the widget ing stuff. Can’t say i blame him. Wish is luck.
      Is luck random??
      O and OM.

      • Here’s the instructions: Directions: Pick a time in your life that was critical to your development. You can go back or forwards in time. It can be real or imagined. After all, it is real if you imagine it!

        Choose an idea or a skill or a value you hold dear in the present and infuse it into that time period.

        Share your story of what happens to positively impact your life.

        Choose a date in the comments section. Link your post to this one and also link to the blogger who follows you in the challenge. There is no limit to the amount of bloggers or how long the challenge will last. I will keep track of the dates and list them here.

        They are also on the sticky post under INSTRUCTIONS. But hey maybe, you missed them. The instructions are to be followed loosely, except for the linking and posting on your date parts. I hope the bloggers will use the instructions as a launchpad into their imagination. The entries so far have been fab. With my crew, I expect no less :)

        I think this is your first time on one of my challenges and I am very excited because you and Odie write with a vengeance ( in a good way)

        Holler if you need more help. linda

    • hi LL –
      I did read them (instructions), however wanted some clarity just in case I missed anything. Linking and referencing through wordpress ain’t my strong suit.
      Thanks for the heads up.
      We will do our best.
      The entries thus far have been amazing.
      o and om.

      • I am excited you will be joining in and linking is a snap.

        BTW Do watch Project Greenlight on HBO if possible, all about scripts and making a film, etc You will love it !

      • Thank you for inviting us!

        Wow. So amazing that you mention project Greenlight. I’m totally absorbed in the show. Watching all the seasons that are avail, Right now.
        What an interesting world that Hollywood is. The show exposes this, but also gives plain insight into what works out there and what doesn’t.
        You have to have a great personality first and foremost. Next, you must possess negotiation skills the are affable, but steadfast. And you have to be smart. Very smart. Not just book smart. But street and people and business smart. And sympathetic. It is a business built on resilient characters. No matter how good your story, if you can’t ‘play well with others’ you’re dead in the water.
        Very clear to see why some people have made it out there, while other talents never get past their first big film.

        What are your thoughts about it?? We’d love to hear.
        P. S.
        What a great recommendation.
        You know us well.


        O and om 🐱

      • where are the other seasons? I will see if they are on Netflix. It was just a hunch from a wannabe screenwriter. I even dreamt this week I was scouting locations. For what? I asked upon awakening. As to my thoughts, let me gather them and I will let you know.
        to be continued…

      • Hi LL,
        We are watching it using hbos on demand system. They have season one, two, and the current.
        Do you have Hulu? Maybe it’s on there….

        I like your screenplay aspirations. From what Greenlight says, you can’t the rejection personally, and you have to keep submitting spec scripts wherever possible.
        One day your work will end up in the right hands…
        Hopefully :)

        Do you have any further used scripts you were thinking if submitting. I think you need an agent nowadays… I’d your neighbor isn’t Steven Spielberg.

      • I just went to HBO on demand and saw the other 2 seasons. So now I am watching Season 1 and current ( I watched part of season 2 when it first aired) you know there is a link between season 1 and current season. Some time travel is involved between 14 years. Ben looked real good then and no nannies were compromised,lol!

        I do not have any scripts written, just ideas and dreams. Spielberg is not a neighbor but lived nearby in South Jersey for awhile so we were almost neighbors :)

      • Hi.
        Isn’t it amazing to see how Time changes us? and them.
        She’s a cruel mistress, that’s for sure. and everyone has to dance with her.
        maybe I’ll show her some of my own justice when i take up the time machine challenge?
        o and om.

  1. ok Keep in mind that it is not due until tomorrow. So anytime before midnight tomorrow your time works.
    But earlier is better :D
    That’s what Odie just whispered in my ear. He said Dexter would agree. I said Dexter just wishes he could be here to assist me with my blogging duties.

    BTW, Watch Stolen Summer ( on netlflix) It is the project from first season of Project Greenlight.

    hugs, ll

    • ok thanks linda.
      i have to set up all the links and references and the pics and stuff, but the initial blog is up.
      hope you like it… was really stumped on this one. quite the challenge!!
      o and om

      • i read it and I liked it. alot. And I had no idea how difficult this would be for you. The endgame of the challenge is healing. i figured since you are scifi aficionado that you might explore a scifi fantasy scenario. But what you delivered is raw and honest and meaningful. hugs, ll

    • I wish dexter could be there physically as well. But know he’s proud of the challenge you put together and the riches that you’ve mined from your blogging pals hearts and minds.

      I haven’t seen stolen summer. I wasn’t sure a movie with two kid actors under 9 would stoke the fires of what I look for in movies: edgy, dark, fantastic, unique, weird, and borderline impossible. Stolen summer, on the surface, seems a story about totally ordinary people in very believable circumstances. Those dramas tend to depress me, and these days, without agency representation and more book edits… that’s damn easy.

      As a counterpoint recommendations, have you seen ‘The City of Lost Children’? Now that’s a bizarre mind trip with kids that’s right up my alley. & ‘Liminy Snickets’ with Jim Carrey. Has kids, but it’s weird. My kind of strange. tripped-out party.

      I shouldn’t dismiss it before I see it, so I’ll give stolen summer a chance and let you know if it works for me, based solely on your recommendation, which i trust.

      o and om.


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