Mandala art : happy returns

Dearest Odyssians,


O and om 🐱


18 thoughts on “Mandala art : happy returns

  1. Hey O and Om!!
    I have been thinking of you lately, wondering where, how you are. Missed you. Love this mandala!
    Hugs to you,

    • Hi WMP –
      Boy, have we missed you!! We took roughly a month off. Not sure what we got done, but we are going to write a blog for tomorrow recommending some movies and books that kept us occupied during October. That month went fast, and November is going faster.
      No published book to show, and no more agent replies. We have to start from the drawing board again, and havent had the heart to do so. And here, we also must admit that we never sent out as many agent queries as we should have.
      Alas, I can attest that writing a book is much more of a soul-filling goal than selling a book (which we have no desire to do, unless it involves readings, book tours, and interviews).
      So I’ll see when we wrap our heads around the selling part – which is much harder than the writing, and as you know from our posts… book writing ain’t easy.

      Hope youve been well. I will come by and visit your lovely blog soon.

      and thanks for the warm welcome back :)

      O and OM.

      • You really went for it as far as learning everything you could about yourself in process and about that whole world. WHEN you do your book tour, you will have to come to New Mexico! Will O be with you? <3

      • HI WMP-
        When this book tour kicks off, i am definitely coming to the beautiful lands of New Mexico. We’d love to meet you. Cars, buses, gods and highways willing, we will bring our hairless minion Odie with us.(neither of us is big on flying). He can’t be without me for too long before he shuts down and gets depressed, so I hope I can bring him wherever I go.

        I think you’re right when you say we learned a tremendous amount doing the book. And if we keep at it, we will learn even more.
        Somehow we thought finishing the book would answer all our ills. Yes, it answered most. I can say that with a full and happy heart.
        But the selling the book part…. wow. Now that’s a part of me my soul has no desire in taking on. I don’t exactly know why.

        I need to shake and wake my spirit. I need to keep going. I need to send out more letters. I just don’t want to!!

        From previous experience I know that when the book didn’t want to get written, I had to blast on through that dead zone of reluctance to get to the place of ‘work getting done.’ Somehow, against all odds, I was able to do that.
        Book selling time is no different.
        I need some tarot pulls to find out why I’ve gotten stranded.
        Let me see what my good friend pulls from her Doreen Virtues Angel Answers deck.
        Have you seen those cards? They are splendid. And in my friends hands, they are magical gateways to realization. Hopefully she has an answer that will be a breakthrough for me. So we can get on that tour and see the USA and meet you down in stunning NM.

        Ill keep you posted!!!
        O and OM.

      • I have seen that beautiful deck. I use a deck called Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, which I love. I really really hope you can find an agent who can find a publisher. It’s really hard, which is why a lot of people choose to self publish. But then you are stuck with all the selling part. I will start praying/visioning more for an agent for you. It is happening!! I really want to read it!! And I look forward to your visit!
        Mary…I mean, WMP

      • Hi WMP-
        You are a gem. I will look into the deck you speak of. It sounds perfect for you, with its natural connection.
        I have always been fond of the traditional rider-waite, and also the aquarian deck, though i must admit I am a collector and now have 14 decks ranging in size from way too big to shuffle, to so small you need your glasses on to see the details. I do love them all. Maybe i can add earth magic to my arsenal.

        Since I’m not big on selling, and am a wimp for tough negotiations, I am in need of an agent to take on this part of the heavy lifting. That’s why I worked on the agent letter again today.
        I think signing back on to wordpress and talking to you guys lifted my spirits and gave me the hope to push forward.
        So thank you for your blessings and prayers. Now its up to me to do the work, and for Odie to warm my lap during this winter storm. All the while he really is making sure I can’t stand up and walk away from my laptop without disturbing him because he’s made himself super cozy there. He’s a clever one, isn’t he?? Getting his mama to the keys and keeping her there. Bless his hairless heart.

        Thanks again, and more hugs from the two of us,
        O and OM.

      • Oh yes, what a clever cat indeed. He knows what his Odie Mama needs! Congratulations on letter writing today! I’m glad your spirits have been lifted a bit. I believe the perfect agent will come in to your life in perfect timing.

        I also use the Medicine Woman Cards, whose author I can’t remember at the moment. So many beautiful decks out there. I used to use…oh what was that deck called. They were round and feminine oriented. I have seen those really tiny decks. I also use the Medicine cards that are animals only. The come regular card size as well as teeny tiny. And then of course those little angel cards with one word.

        Hugs to you and Odie,

      • Dearest WMP –

        We loved the earth oracle deck. The art is great, and I like the layout and the way it ‘reads’. But as we were looking through the pics we stumbled upon another deck called the Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan. She’s amazing. Her art just connected with us in a way thats hard to explain, so we ordered the deck from australia. Cant wait til its here.
        Check our her website if you want.. her stuff is really really cool.
        Well be sure to pull a card for you as soon as it arrives.
        ** and then we will look into the Earth deck as our next purchase.

        o and OM

  2. I was also ready to call out the cavalry to see where your 2 were hiding out. Glad you are back with mandala art. Have you seen the film I suggested? Have you seen or read anything spectacular? I am ready for Star Wars and the Hunger Games last installment. May also see the Jobs flick.

    hugs, Linda

    • Hey LL –
      No need for calvary, though we could use quite a team of enthusiasts with trumpets, guns, and horses to help us get our book sold.
      Sadly we havent been to the keyboard because then we’d have to address how to rewrite our agent letter, or send more out, or edit the book again, or ……something having to do with the book – which was a hell of a lot more exciting and fulfilling to write than selling it has proven to be – and that pretty much says it all.
      Wish we could hire a team of some writing elite fighting squad to craft our letter, send it out, and re-edit the book. Is that physically possible? Yes. Will it match what i need for the book. Probably not.
      So we’ve been stuck and in the rut. And havent had the heart to get any typing done.
      But we have been doing a lot of reading and movie watching. These have been some wonderful distractions/time wasters. And we are giong to write our next blog listing what made our list over the past four weeks when we should have been doing something productive in book world.

      I havent read any blogs, I havent been up to date, and I havent seen the film you recommended (I think I checked for it, but it wasn’t easy to get, etc…so I went back into my cave of books).
      I can’t wait to see star wars, and hunger games looks good, though i havent a much better feeling about star wars.
      Go see ‘spotlight’ if you’re out and about. great film and it really happened.
      As for ‘jobs’ I will wait until its on TV, which should be soon. it didn’t do well in theaters.
      Hugs to you!!!
      And we will be around soon to check on what you’ve been up to.
      -O and OM.

    • Hi Sue-
      Glad to hear/read your WP voice. We havent been round to check blogs (we havent done much of anything productive this last for weeks.. shame on us) but we will check in on you and see what you’ve been tacklng asap.
      Just know in the meanwhile that we’ve missed your lovely words, positive takes, and happy blogs thse past few weeks. And we are happy to be back.
      We hope the mandala start brightened your day. Feel free to use it for anything you need… prints, blogs, etc. We are happy to share.

      O and OM.

      • It is beautiful dear O an Om.. and sometimes we need to take a break.. All that writing, I can see why you take pleasure in creating such visual delights for us.. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.. Hugs Sue xxx

      • Hi Sue-
        Thanks for liking my side ‘art’ projects. They’re quick and fun to draw, and they do have a certain lively feeling about them. Maybe its the rainbow colors?

        Have a wonderful weekend. Its gotten really cold here in the midwest, hopefully thats not the case for you in merry england.

        O and OM.

      • Hi O and Om.. yes we had a sprinkle of snow on Saturday morning.. and Minus 5 last night.. so yes feeling the cold here also.. But nice and snug as bug in a rug.. :-) You too enjoy your week my good friend xx Sue <3

  3. This same morning I read this prayer from Yancy Lael and it seems this star might be another reminder that we are receiving guidance – at all times – in all ways –
    “Wild Woman, push us into the cauldron, swirling us into the darkest depths of the earth. Let us emerge with mud in our hair, snails on our feet, and licen on our arms. Let owls, ravens, and starlings fly in our wake – wolves, cats, and snakes follow our footsteps. Let our spines become as thick and strong as the redwood.
    Our power is endless. Our strength is staggering. Our creativity has no boundaries. Our possibilities are limitless.”

    • Hi Kim-
      Thank you!!
      We simply loved this poem you shared with us. REally touched us, and Odies a guy! we feel a kinship with this woman. Truth is, we’d like to be her, to remember our power, our beauty, our spirit so well that it becomes our true nature. Trying to write a book is hard, but selling it (the process of) has left us empty and lost. We havent had any success yet, and admittedly stalled in our pursuit of published book glory. Your poem is what we need to get back to!!!

      Do you mind if we post this on our blog, link to you, and add a picture of our choosing?

      We’d love to share the spirit and energy of these words with our dearest readers.

      O and OM>


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