Eye of the world

Dearest Odyssians,

I wonder at what/which point the edits overwhelm the reality of the original.


Do you know?
If so, please tell us.

O and om 🐱


16 thoughts on “Eye of the world

    • Hi ll.
      I will ch3ck out your song post haste! Thank you for sending a link.
      How are things out east?
      Did it get cold there yet? It’s been warm here.. Strangely warm..
      Guess I won’t have to move to Florida as soon as I thought.
      Hugs, O and om 🐱

      • It is like summer here, 70 degrees! I am loving it. This is climate change I can get behind! Let me know if you like the song. Enjoy your weekend and don’t be strangers

        hugs, Linda

      • I’m loving the end of times too. Was around fifty today. Nothing like a stroll on the beach in Bermuda, but still much warmer than normal so i was happy.
        Just tucking in to a remake to the house om haunted hill with Geoff rush filling in for Vincent price, thin creepy dude mustache and all.
        It’s bound to be pure schmaltz. My fave.
        Hope the rest of your weekend proves as exciting!!
        O and om 🐱

      • End of times? You sound like my friend who visited me today from out of town. She believes there is no hope and the Earth will not rebound. She also loves the Matrix. You 2 oughta meet, lol! I don’t know the film you are referring to, but pure schmaltz can be fun. That means chicken fat to old school Jewish folks. My grandmom cooked with it. Anyway, enjoy your night. hugs, ll

    • I had no idea you were a dead head. In truth I only like a few of their songs. But I love their designs and art and have dead hats, shirts, posters, coats, stuffed bears, etc… And I love tie dye.
      What does that make me?

      Thanks for the share LL.
      O and om 🐱


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