Long shadows. Long faces : A tribute to David Bowie

Dearest Odyssians,

Golden God rose
Broke the rules
Straightened up
Flew to the outer limits of space
And sanity
Came back to earth
Aged gracefully
Looked us dead in the eyes
Saw our past and future
And told us not to cry

Bowie is gone. That leaves the rest of us.


His new album is an amazing parting gift:

O and om 🐱

15 thoughts on “Long shadows. Long faces : A tribute to David Bowie

  1. I guess it took this tragic loss to bring you guys out of exile mode.Just in time for my blogiversary!
    I will wish you both a Happy New year, while it feels quite sad right now. Bowie was such a staple in my youth and made weirdness oh so cool! You get it, don’t ya Odie?

    May we never forget to let our collective freak flags fly. BTW, there is an awesome Bowie Documentary on Showtime. Glad I caught it before my free subscription expired.

    peace, Linda

    • Hello.. Yes we came out from under the proverbial rock to express our tremendous sadness at losing our all time favorite music hero and art inspiration. We used to dress like Bowie for the hell of it (when we lived in NY, and beyone). And sing. And dance with him too. Like you said, Bowie taught us it was cool to be weird.

      Happy blog anniversary. How many years has it been. I’m on three. And Sindy s third is fast approaching.
      I must admit that until my book is solidly done I have lost my heart to post. It’s as if all of my creative options are stymied. I’ve got a huge book clogging up the pipe works. And until I plumb them out, I’m stuck. Feels a but like being in exile with no island to go to. Not sure which direction to sail in to get book revisions done either.

      I have the premise, but not the will to make to the masterpiece I envision in my mind.

      And now that one of our fearless leader has been taken from us I’m not sure if I’m more motivated to get this done before it’s too late, or scared to the point if paralysis knowing that no matter how good or how great, it will all be stripped away from us In the end.

      From the earth we come and back we shall go. Piece by piece.

      What’s to happen in between?


      O and om. ♡

      • I did not know he was your fave. I thought he’d be with us for many many years. I am not writing a book now so I cannot really understand, but I do understand feeling tired and unmotivated and listless. Love to see a pic of you dressed like Bowie. come visit my site to see my celebratory post. I don’t know what is to happen in between. I miss my cats and wish to see them soon, but know I have stuff to do here. I wish you will find peace within. That is the key. Hugs, Linda

    • Hi razors.
      Yes. So we’ll said! We feel exactly the same way about him. Thank you for summing up his lasting power and influence in such a way.
      You put relatable words to his untouchable magical qualities. He is missed.
      Thank you.
      O and om 🐱

    • Hi dearest Mary.
      We’ve been in hiding. Lots of things about our place in the world to sort out. Started back at work. Put the book on ice. And fielded some more agent rejections while not sending out more. Thought about the profound revisions we would Do, and did none.
      On top of that we didn’t win the lottery…
      Not exactly the jk Rowling rags to riches dream story we crafted in our minds as of 2015.
      Now for more questions we don’t dare answer:
      Will we pull our **** together for 2016?
      Only time will tell, as we are stepping aside, giving up the wheel, taking a back seat, kicking our feet up, taking off our dancing shoes, turning down the volume, and dialing it all back (and in) from the imaginary la. Z. Boy recliner we should have brought by now considering how retired from life we feel.
      Not a great plan. Not nearly a good one. We know it’s Lame city all the way. But until we get our act together I’m afraid it’s what we are settling for.

      Here’s to hoping things are better on your end and in your beautiful neck if the wintry woods.

      Are they?

      Hugs, with the energy we haven’t wasted on feeling sorry for ourselves…
      O and om 🐱

  2. A wonderful tribute to a great artist and musician.. He timed his exit perfectly having just had his birthday and finishing his album .. Love to you and good to see you here.. Well wishes for the Year that unfolds.. Love Sue <3


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