17 thoughts on “Cloud landscapes: window with a view

    • hi fuge.
      well this is bizarre.
      ive signed into wordpress but its recognizing me as a foreign user on my own blog??
      maybe its because i’ve been away too long.

      lets see if i can use my tech magic to fix this latest greatest wordpress snafu.
      never was a fan of this user interface, and now this when i return.

      strange days indeed, my friend.

      o and om.

    • Hi dearest WMP –

      Sorry it took us so very long to get back to you.
      We were in a flying machine… an airplane. for work.
      I have more/better photos to post of return trip in. We werent gone too long, but have only just now gotten ourselves back into the blogosphere. The wordpress app (phones) and the laptop website app are (in my humble opinion) so poorly user interfaced, that blogging is not as ‘easy’ as it used to be. Nearly have to gnaw my own arms off to get some pics and a few quips posted.

      Example: Today I had to sign in three times to add comments to my own site. yep.

      As I’ve been working on the book and I am one of those people that must direct all attentions in one direction, wordpressing (and its tediums) became too much of a mental distraction away from the end goal of getting the novel done asap. And that wasn’t fun because I do enjoy seeing how you are doing and chatting with you about all things big and small.

      NB: I only have a few more lose ends (plot wise) to shore up, and then I’m submitting it again. Praise jesus.

      How have you been? I need to mosey over to your awesome site and see what new visual and intellectual delights you’ve shared.

      We missed you much and hope you are doing well. And thank you for bearing with our disappearance.

      O and OM.

      • Funny, I just wrote to you, and here you are in my mailbox! So good to hear from you!!
        Oh, I do hope the book gets scooped up by the best publisher and it has a big successful long life!
        So glad to be back in touch!!
        Love and Light,

    • hi litebeing.

      Yes. We left in a big way. Took off for the air and didn’t land (metaphorically) until last week.
      Big changes. Good changes.
      It used to be unusual for us to not blog every couple of days, but with everything we had to organize in real life and in the world of make-believe (book wise), it made sense for me to use my keyboard time to make last revisions to my novel. I need to start submitting again. So far no takers, but I remain “head unbowed.”

      Now, about you!!! How are you?? I hope you are feeling better. Saw that you had a stay in the hospital and wanted to check in with you. Do tell.
      Ill hop over to your blog and get updates there in the meanwhile. (came here first).

      We missed you but thought of you often.
      O AND OM.

      • Hey guys,
        That pic of Odie is precious. Bet he would be a hit on the catwalk, hehe :)
        I missed you both, but have adjusted to your mutable ways. Glad you are working and jet setting and editing your masterpiece in the making.

        Yes I have been ill again. Have not seen a trace of you at my place, but I trust you have sources that keep you posted on my travails. When time permits, please come visit, It is much easier than me attempting to bring you up to date.

        Hope at some point you will share some of your project with us, perhaps an excerpt or two?
        Please give Odie a treat for me and don’t be such a stranger.


      • linda lite-

        weve been by your place, though we did not disturb. it has become tricky to blog from our phone and from our computer. not sure what games wordpress designers are playing to wreak havoc on users like me, but they are working.

        another ‘you cant like this post’ and i may well confess to crimes against humanity that i’ve never commited, just to make the torture stop.

        it hasnt’.
        i just tried to like your newest blog. three times. to no avail. :(
        any clues as to how to circumnavigate wordpress’ newest undesirable feature.
        i’m wondering if the old editor option that sue dreamwalker let me in on works for stuff like writing on other peoples blogs?

        I see that your newest blog has taken a deeper and more contemplative tone. some might call it more ‘serious’ in nature. i think what youre feeling is important growth after physical setbacks and i welcome your profound experiences.

        i was esp. touched by your bowie dedication. we loved him too. and the song, pretty young things. yes, it is a mix of dark and light. a good backing track to your latest blog entry.

        have you given a listen to his new album. i love everything except the ‘sue’ single.. you’ll hear it when you get there.

        hang in there lite. the transit of life continues… more changes are to come. and the wheel of fortune spins both ways. you’re due for all upticks.

        o and om.
        and odie says thank you kindly for the heartfelt compliments concerning his precious nature and his catwalk prowess (he can confirm it)

  1. Sending you thoughts O and Om.. I guess you must be up in the Space Station.. Hope you are getting lots of creative writing and artwork done.. Love and Blessings… you are missed

    • Hi sue.
      I missed you too. Flew away for awhile and got everything back online in real life and otherwise. Finally offloaded myself into earth, though the trip to the mothership was refreshing.
      Now I have to figure out what’s going on with the wordpress app.
      I’ll write more soon.
      And continued ♡
      O and om.

  2. Hi O and OM,
    your reply did not make it to my reader so I was surprised to see one here ( although it can happen where someone responds, but not in direct reply. I am replying here because there is no option to directly reply to your latest reply. Got all that? :)

    I have occasionally been blocked from liking and reblogging posts. Frankly it has become quite annoying, but push one we will.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my awakening post. It is part of an upcoming EBook and yes it is a bit heavy. My life has been pretty tough lately. But I do the best I can and hope for the best. I have not heard Bowie’s last 2 projects. Speaking of heavy! I will give it a listen eventually. Right now I am preferring to listen to his classics and other faves of his from the archives. Hunky Dory and Heroes are my 2 fave albums, I also have some best of CDs etc

    Glad you are back at WP.

    hugs and namaste,


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