we’re back :)

& We missed you.

beautiful sphynx cat Odysseus.jpg
my dearest tiger lamb monkey baby, Odysseus, says hi!

Now all we have to figure out is how to work with the redesign that wordpress has thrown at us so our return to blogging is less painful in the future. Today, we couldn’t reply to waiting comments without signing in multiple times. On the plus side, I was able to follow my own blog since WordPress didn’t recognize us as ourselves. Bonus!!

Then we had trouble uploading Odie’s newest pic that we took this morning.  He’s missed you guys too, and wanted to say hi. Plus, he loves photo shoots with is Momma because he gets lots of treats, grooming and attention. Yayyy. Once we got his pic uploaded, we couldn’t figure out how to write in these paragraphs (you’re seeing now) above and below Odie’s portrait. So he turned on his side and went to sleep, while assuring me that, “Momma could do it on her own.” I did. Odie’s still sleeping, btw.

Good news: we finally got there/here and are happy to be sharing with you.

Boy, have we missed you all!

So we have to ask:

Is anyone else feeling like the new user interface is harder to use??

Please share you thoughts.

** we promise to post more soon.

Hugs and love, always…

O and OM.


13 thoughts on “we’re back :)

  1. Welcome home, you two! Yay!!!!!!!!! I haven’t noticed anything new on my site, but I might be speaking too soon. I love the picture of Odie! So glad you two are back, and I hope getting this all set up turns out to be easier than you thought. It does look really different, with little squares instead of Gravatars. Anyway…talk to you soon!
    Peace and Happiness,
    WMP Mary

    • Hi Mary,

      We just shared your latest blog on our site. THank you for all of the great spiritual and intellectual work that you do!
      Glad we are back on and can give you a reblog hug.

      O and OM.

      • Thank you!
        Big hugs to both of you. Well, smaller hug to Odie…wouldn’t want to hug too too hard. :) Is he really soft? I don’t think I have ever touched a hairless cat. His eyes are amazing!

  2. Lovely to see you back! and Odie is looking cuter than ever.. :-)
    Sounds like you have had a few hurdles to overcome getting back into the swing of Blog..

    As for the new layout.. Well I cheated it… For at the time I hadn’t been switch over and others were.. Dennis over on his blog directed me with some great advice which I followed.. So now every time I log into my edit or new post mode I get the old set up
    the post and information is here

    And so the answer is No I do not like it.. xxx

    • Hi sue-

      thanks for the warm welcome back.
      yes. the new site is a monster to navigate. wasnt able to blog without breaking a sweat. today also provided its own wordpress hazards. i wasn’t able to like a blog… not sure the reason. just never registered. so… to me, it’s all gone a bit ***s up, at they say in your neck of the british woods. odie agrees that, “oh yes, it has..”.

      I will check our your friend dennis’ trouble shoot.
      in the meanwhile know that I am back on dry ground (sadly, never really left) and am going to do my darndest to dedicate more time to wordpress and to the people on here we love – like you!!

      Lets see how i do. ive got a new job, still have the book on ice (i need to get ready to submit it again) and am trying to figure out my new schedule. In a few weeks i should be ok.

      everything is working itself out. not that it got terribly insane in the real world. its all down to me not finding enough hours in my day any longer. that i need to fix. not complaining, just ‘splaining.

      may odie, and i, persevere…

      he says thanks for the compliment on his looks, b.t.w. He’s getting older, and was worried it was showing a lot on his six year old face.

      o and OM.

      • Tell Odie he has years left yet.. My little Angel went on to see her 21st Earth Birthday :-)..
        I am sure your book will all come together at exactly the right time for you.. And Congrats with the new job too.. No wonder you have been quiet on WP..
        Good luck with the navigation of WP.. I don’t know why they go messing with something which is perfectly good then add something you can not do half the things you could in Edit mode before hand.. WordPress logic-stics as usual ;-)

    • dearest herongrace-

      thanks for dropping in and visiting us. t’was especially nice to hear from you after our long long absence.
      Please forgive our tardiness to the party. we will be over by your site soon to share our love.

      O and OM.

  3. Hey O and OM :)

    Great to see you guys back in town! I hope all is well, and Spring finds you both blooming :) Cracking piccie of the Odie-meister (one to treasure)…he’s still a handsome devil lol :)

    I’m guessing there’s more to your absence than merely hibernating for most of the winter…though I’d not blame you if that were the sole reason (I love to sleep)…so I’m hoping there’s news to share on the progress of your book or news of another literary project that has kept you so distracted?

    I’ll look forward to reading more from the dynamic duo.

    Welcome back to WP! :D


    DN – 05/03/2016

    • dearest dw-

      Forgive us for our lack of response in alternate universes. our minds shut down in the face of daunting book edits. as such we neglected those we should have responded to most….
      its hard to explain what happened to us. lets say it was a combination of starting a new job and seeing our time we could set to book being obliterated.. topsy+turvy.
      then seeing a keyboard and using it for things others than our book feeling so wrong.
      we did a lot of book stuff, but not all of it. it is still daunting. and that makes our letter writing and our proper dedication to our cherished friends.

      we are still caught i the vortex. but we are trying to redirect towards positive light, like your profound poetry,
      let us see how we do.
      thank you for giving us a fair chance.
      thank you for returning.

      o and om.

      • Hey O and OM,

        Thanks for coming back to this alternate universe to reply…you were missed by all. :)

        No apology needed…we all need downtime every so often and winter offers the perfect season to switch off and regroup before launching into spring and the year ahead. I hope ‘Team O and OM’ are now back on board your vortex defying star-ship, refreshed and revitalised, carrying out pre-flight editing checks and altogether ready for ignition and book submission. Best wishes as always. :)

        I’m certain you’ll regain a sense of balance in your life after starting the new job and taking care of other real world changes (whatever they may be). I understand completely how disruptive and/or impacting to the creative flow external influences can be, and how the heart suffers as a consequence of being separated from what it truly loves doing. And yet, returning to creative endeavours with renewed vigour and restored confidence, often reveals new paths to explore and further opportunity to better address other areas. The wonderful thing to remember is that the hard yards have already been completed – the book is now written – and this last big push to the end is by comparison, merely a sprint to the finish line. You’ll be fine :)

        Thank you for liking the poem, your comment is appreciated :)

        Good to see you back on WP!

        Hoping all is well always, and in all ways, always well :)


        DN – 09/03/2016

    • KN-

      we’ve missed you too. We went off to take care of real world changes (new job, etc) and idea world changes (my novel) and returned much later to wordpress than we would have iiked. Perhaps the break was necessary. it allowed me complete mental devotion to a book with three possible outcomes and a myriad of twists. the only way to do it justice was to shut down every other rodeo.

      Work in the matrix (but not on the book) continues full steam. full steam.

      as such, i am hoping that i can find some sort of balance that allows me to come and visit my friends on wordpress in a way that does your blog justice. i need to. you are a great truth in a world filled with chaos and neon. a fresh perspective on all the twisted twists. Please continue on your mission.

      o and om.


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