The Wake Up code: reblog of blue butterflies and Me post

The Wake Up Code –

A magnificent piece by my sexy genius friend and spiritual sister from another mother…
Also includes am overview of a great star trek the next generation episode…

What’s not to love/reblog?

O and om 🐱.


5 thoughts on “The Wake Up code: reblog of blue butterflies and Me post

  1. Wow thanks sis. What a outstanding, and flattering introduction. I love you too, you know. I was fairly certain I had told you this hypothesis before? Glad you liked it, that means it resonates with you? Have you seen the episode?

    Love you~

  2. Odie mama,

    gigoid here, naturally. For quite a while I wondered why I hadn’t received any notifications of your posts. When your icon showed up the other day, it brought me over to figure it out, whereupon, I found I had not followed this site via email, and I seldom get to the Reader. I’ve now set it to notify me, so I’ll be by more often, as you know I always enjoy your and odie’s posts. Thought I should let you know why I hadn’t been here in a long time; mea culpa for my lapse….

    See ya….


    • Oh, and this is a good re-blog; I like the story, which also reminded me of a very old Twilight Zone episode about a time loop….

      And, yes, the world needs to WAKE UP….



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