Sharing is Caring :) 

Hello all, 

Please enjoy this incredible collection of amazing wallpaper art from artists around world 🌍 

♡ , 

O and om 🐱 


8 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring :) 

  1. I ant to use the photos for a two volume set of books that I have coming out on psychology and spirituality.
    Who do I contact for permission and credit.

    • Hi Francis, I got this pic from a wallpaper site online. I do not own the Rights, but have said who the artist is. She is an artist on deviant art, and if you click the link that I’ve posted with the blog, it will take you to her work and site. There you may find some contact info and you can ask her directly.

      Good luck with your book project.

      O and om

    • Hi. I took these photos from a wallpaper site. I do not own the right to them. I recommend doing a reverse google search on any particular image you like, and working your way from those results

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      -Odie mama.


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