11 thoughts on “What rhymes with nature ? 

  1. What a very cool picture!!!
    Nomenclature is all I can come up with at the moment, but I’ll get back to you if/when I think of another.
    Nice to see you!

  2. I see you have one already, so I’ll stop cudgeling my brain to find another… maybe, “orange”?….


    Premature, imprimatur…. either can be stretched to rhyme…

    Good to see you posting….


  3. Hey O and OM,

    Nature transcends language. Their are no words to transmit her beauty nor an encounter with a moment of wonder. Language breaks down at the point of perceptual transcendence.

    I thought the following a suitable snippet for you cats…

    From ~ “The Kitten And Falling Leaves” ~ by William Wordsworth ~

    Of the silent heart which Nature,
    Furnishes to every creature.


    Hoping all’s well and all ventures are adventures with successful outcomes :)


    DN – 360/10/2016

    • Dearest dewin – –
      I approve of creature, it’s rhyme to nature, it’s relationships to nature.. Plus, I appreciate what it stands for. the poem you sent is a lovely touch.. Thank you for the well wishes. We can always use them!
      Sending hugs and blessings your way as well.
      O and I’m.

      • Hey O and OM,

        Thank you for the reply and approval…I know how much you enjoy the depth of words :) There are some great words appearing in comments.

        Here’s 1000 magical well wishes from the other-side of the great puddle to do with as you will. I trust at least one of those wishes will come in handy on some level.

        As to the typo…mmm, interesting…you even put an apostrophe in I’m.

        Fascinating word Nomenclature, and wholly representative of mankind’s predisposition to always feel the need to classify and clarify, and catalogue and name everything in his world.

        Hoping all is well with y’all and life remains a bundle of happiness and joy :)

        Happy Halloween!


        DN – 30/10/2016


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