Night escapes

Dearest Odyssians, 

Sleep well, despite the outcome. I know we shall soldier on for what is right and true. We must stay strong,  united ,  and dignified. . . And well rested. 

O and om 🐱. 


3 thoughts on “Night escapes

  1. I wish all Americans good luck. Here in Europe we were all gobsmacked and we are holding our hearts…..Belgium is still a kingdom and many people want them gone and have a president instead as they think it will be cheaper and most of all fair……I am not a fan of our king and queen but they are descent people and learned all their lives how to behave, they have absolutely no political power but as for president, in theory everyone can become president (in your dreams !!!!!) he or she who wins the title is the one with the most money and the least scruples who even dare to kill people in order to get that title ! Have a nice day, both of you ! :D

    • Gwen. I wish I had already published the monologue I wrote last week on here – – it explained how I felt. About this election, and why. I still might share it. But it has a lot of swear words and a lot of other things that are not nice, but are true.
      This was not what I, and many of my friends and family or coworkers wanted for our future. Your concerns are valid.

      Let’s is pray.
      O and om 🐱


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