Hi everyone,

Odie and odie mama

After years of working anonymously as the power duo behind eyesofodysseus, Odie and I and finally saying hello – in person.  
We are glad to have met you and to finally be meeting you, vis a vis. Thanks for being a part of our blog even though we were I. D. ‘strangers’ til now. 

More of us, our writing, and less of our anonymity to come. 

Odie and odie mama. 


12 thoughts on “Hello! 

  1. In the years I’ve been coming to see your artwork, I’ve come to know, and appreciate your spirit. It is satisfying to realize the beauty I perceived there is mirrored by reality…. Both of you are gorgeous, with that beauty of spirit shining….

    Lovely. Nice to meet you, miladies….


    • Hi Gig,

      I didn’t have the “bones” to post as myself for many years, til recently**. I admire that you always had them… Your pic has always been front and center in your blog. And you’ve been able to write about the issues that affect us most while sharing your personal story without fear.

      ** For medical reasons, Odie didn’t have the ****s either, and he never will :) (See Bob Barker for details)

      Nice to finally drop to curtain and let you see us. And we appreciate your kind and generous words.

      O and OM.

      • *smile* If I have the metaphor right, I’ll say, “bones” take time to grow, differently for us all. On the internet, it’s a good thing to guard one’s anonymity, to an extent, due to the ever-present trolls who may be lurking. I have little fear of such, as I have spent a long time living now, & most of it was spent, not fearless, but, learning to face & control fear. This goes with one of the Rules, which states, ‘A gentleman lives outside his zone of comfort’, as well as with the acknowledgement that security is a 100% personal responsibility… If I appear without fear, it is only from long exposure…. In some ways, learning to face fear is the whole point of living for we humans; when we allow them to influence our actions, it never works out well….

        I also have to add, the reference to Bob went right past me; at first, but, Google supplied it on one try. I hadn’t known he was an animal advocate, but, then, was never much into TV, or the whole cult of celebrity… My lady familiar, Leelu Magicat, can empathize….

        ‘Twas nice to see you, as well. Be well, & happy



  2. What an enchanting duo ! You both shine so bright – can`t believe it ! Je suis enchante’ – am very pleased to meet you- ich bin entzückt, euch kennenzulernen ! you are one of those bright beacons in the dark night it takes to guide you home safely… The way you look, Odie-Mama, in my eyes you are a perfect reincarnation of an Egyptian queen , the same refers to Odie (cat-wise , of course !) -Thank you for being there and being who you are, and for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us – it gives me hope (and faith and love as well) – Love , Al from Germany P.S.: Excuse me if my English is not perfect – I`ll do my very best…

    • Dear Al,

      Thank you much for the lovely and inspiring comments. Your English is flawless, by the way. I like the idea of Odie and I being Egyptian reincarnate buddies. Perhaps, a few thousand years ago, he and I took naps on the Nile, relaxing in style in each others arms.

      Now all we need is some khol eyeliner, a reed boat, some croc and hippo repellant, and our imaginations….to drift back to that marvelous time.

      Hugs from the US to Germany & again, thank you for your very kind words. We appreciate them and we are delighted to meet you too!

      O and OM.

    • Hi Dewin,

      Another poem! and this one is about us.

      We are speechless in our appreciation.

      Yes, sometimes Odie and I feel like a unit. He never wants to get off my lap….

      Perhaps, one of these days, you too will drop your cloak and reveal your “physical” incarnation to us all. I didn’t want to do it until recently, but now that I have, I almost wonder what I was hiding.

      I am the first to understand that each of us claims anonymity for unique reasons. However, stepping into the light without masks also serves a special benefit.

      Hugs from both of us to you.

      O and OM.

      • Hey O and OM,

        You wrote: ‘However, stepping into the light without masks also serves a special benefit.’ What special benefit would that be then? :)

        A ode for Odie and OM. My pleasure. You guys are tight.

        Namaste :)



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