Moon shadow


enjoy the influence. 

Hugs to all, 

O and om 🐱 


6 thoughts on “Moon shadow

  1. Hey Odie and Odies’s M,,

    Said the Moth,

    “Your celestial satellite in dusted hue,
    it calls me.”
    “Hand-spun velvet amidst cobalt blue,
    it entices me.”

    “Fair luminary who upon my eyes does shine,
    you lull me.”
    “Steering light to dreamer’s end of mine,
    you guide me.”


    DN – 10/02/2017

    • DN –

      Indeed the Moon does draw us to it like moth’s to flame. Would love to hear your accent reading this poem on tape. Hard for me to see a good pic of this celestial goddess and pass up not sharing it on this blog.

      BTW — are you saving these exquisite poems up for a published work? Please tell us you are. Please. tell. us. you. are.

      Do not let these moments of your be relegated to the tech matrix. Though I welcome them here, and they are richer than my blog itself, more eyes need to see these masterpieces.

      How these words come to you so easily is magic in itself.

      Liz G.

      • Hey Liz G,

        So grateful that you did share this velvet moon with us here, She is magnificent, almost a star…how could any moth worth their wings resist her soporific allure?

        You’d love to hear my accent, as well as have me drop the cloak and hood?

        Thank you for enjoying the poem…always brings a smile to know a comment has left a smile. I do save most poems written before posting comment. Each poem is written for the Blog I’m visiting rather than self-generated, it is my response to what is written. The poem belongs with the Blog rather than in a book per se. I may put an anthology together one day or do something more with the poems. Thank you for your suggestion and confidence. Your compliment is very kind.

        Words don’t come that easily….I sit and linger on a site for a while, maybe fly off someone every now again, but always return to what initially caught my eye. And then a word or one line will pop in my mind and away I go. I will admit I find it far easier to write when happy than if slightly off kilter. Happiness inducing a higher vibration maybe and exciting the nib?

        I do like that word magic, it’s one of my favourites :)

        Thanking you again for kind words. I trust all is going well with you and life finds you rushing fully flushing for springs blushing and blooming.

        Best wishes to Odie. Have a great week, and take care y’all.



        P.S What does the G stand for in Liz G?


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