Deerly beloved 

Hugs and goodnight, 

O and om 🐱 


10 thoughts on “Deerly beloved 

    • Hi G —

      Glad you like this one!!

      It gave me a serene feeling too. Plus, i have to admit that it got me feeling a tad magical. Reminds me of the days of yore — spirit hunting under a twilight moon; no one dies, everyone goes home feeling stronger.

      Hope all is well, and again, that you for your continued support and engaging comments on this site, even though I have been asleep at the blogger’s wheel in recent months.

      O and OM.

    • Hi WMP –

      Isn’t this one mystically delightful? It would be great to meet here and take tea by a campside fire….

      Hope you are well. I am going to catch up on comments here and then make it over to your site to see how you are faring.

      O and OM.

  1. Hey O and OM, my friendly two, hoping all is well with the both of you? :)

    I couldn’t resist writing a line or two….you know how it is when an image takes you? :)

    ~ The Stag ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

    Up here upon high-pastured ground
    is where Heaven touches the Earth,
    ‘Tis an ancient place, an enchanted space, deep
    within her emerald hearth.


    Here Her grace is a face of enchanting lace
    Her colour sliced agates of milky blue.
    Here ‘neath pleats and folds of a crimpling sky
    Stands a Stag in Her dreaming hue.


    His pose is cast in defined silhouette
    his poise refined by one at peace.
    Wearing his antlered crown heavy set
    Lords Nature’s masterpiece.


    His proud nobility his fortitude and virility
    His provision his protection his strength.
    His legend his fable his confidence to enable
    Heroes to succeed at any length.


    To his solar fanned flare and enigmatic stare
    To his power his energy his might
    To his shamanistic ways and knowing gaze
    To his guide towards Heaven’s flight.


    Where we might fall in the fall when antlers fall
    He is there to renew spring’s rise
    Dynamic and stirring empowering and inspiring
    His spoken word is divinely wise.


    Thank you for images and dreams, for illusions and scenes
    for being a deer in the dearest sense.
    I shall take my leave of your rich tapestry
    and the sweetness of a Stag’s presence.


    Enjoy a wonderful day and a wonderful week. Take care.


    DN – 17/02/2017

    • Hi DN,

      That was truly amazing. So glad that this pic was able to inspire these words!!

      My fave part is :
      To his solar fanned flare and enigmatic stare
      To his power his energy his might
      To his shamanistic ways and knowing gaze
      To his guide towards Heaven’s flight.

      You can really feel the magic of this spirit animal and what his essence meant to those that understood God lives in all things.

      But, please know, I do love the whole thing. I shall repost this asap. I want everyone to read your poem.

      Best & hope you are well and working on a collected book of poems for publish.
      Liz G.

  2. Hey Liz G

    Ah, so the name emerges with the celestial goddess revealed. And quite a name it is, satisfying a worshipful oath in God. A name truly blessed.

    Grateful indeed to be the recipient of your kind words and comments,, not to mention your intention to repost also, thank you. Your opinion is warmly welcome, you are a gifted writer yourself, thank you. I recall finding the image alluring, compelling. My eye first caught by the emerald foreground, then the slender silhouette of antlers set against the sky. My mind recalled walking Scottish hills many years ago and feeling exhilarated at sight of deer and Stag in the wild. Scottish mornings, misted veils, rugged wilderness, towering pines, forests, stags bucks and does, stunning…nature’s emotive poetry in breath-taking motion.

    Thank you for asking after me. I am well at this time with fingers in several creative pies. I don’t have a book of poems being prepared, more lots of poems floating about on endless word documents and snippets. Perhaps they should be gathered? The last instalment to the Merlin poem, The Wizard of Wands, is nearly concluded. The artwork mostly done. I hope to post it soon. Other than that a new site is launched at Gallbloggers ( ) created by Raven’s12, a rum crow of homeless people habiting my home city with a little help from me. It is a small venture to give a louder voice to those often only able to whisper but who have poetry inside them. I hope you’ll enjoy what’s there.

    You sited my favourite lines as well! thank you :) I was divided on the last word, flight or light? Upon reflection, the word ‘light’ is far better?

    Many of the images you post here are inspiring. Some deliriously so. And the archive is pretty cool as well. I’ve several favourites amongst them. You have a good eye for imagery and share well Liz G.

    Hoping expectations both great and greater make your great week the greatest. Hugs to O….I miss him :(

    Namaste :)



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