Solstice snuggles

Happy end of winter. Hope you all get your snuggles in before spring. 

O and om 🐱 🐰 🐼 🐻 :) ♡ 


2 thoughts on “Solstice snuggles

  1. Happy Spring.. hope you are well, I did not get any replies back from comments but I am not always receiving them from people in my notifications… Just want you to know if you did I was not ignoring your replies… Love and warm thoughts your way. Sue

  2. Hi Sue —

    Actually, it’s be me that hasn’t been responsive on WP. I’ve been blogging from my phone, and as I’ve said an annoying amount of times, I have not been able to respond with any accuracy from the phone application. I finally remembered my login, so now I am back.

    I hope you are well! & Happy Spring to you too.

    Maybe, for both of us, WP will fix it’s site and we can get the notifications and send comments the way we need to in 2018.

    Til then, wishing you and the family and the farm well.

    Best and hugs,
    O and OM.


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